The "Never Back Down" soundtrack song list is all about elevating each scene. The movie "Never Back Down" tells the story of a guy named Jake who is trying to find his place in a new school and new town. His reputation gets him into a bit of trouble, leaving him to try to gain his street credit.

"Stronger" by Kanye West. This song brings a fervent power to the "Never Back Down" soundtrack. With a beat that is contagious, this song makes each scene have heavier emotion. Its subject matter is very appropriate for "Never Back Down" because it is all about being the strongest version of yourself.

"Under The Knife" by Rise Against. The rage in this song can almost be representative of Jake's inner troubles. Rise Against adds the rockstar element that can be associated with street fighting. This song comes at a turning point in the plot of "Never Back Down" and showcases the inevitability of anger.

"You Are Mine" by Mutemath. With more of a dance, light hearted sound, Mutemath lightens things up a little bit in "Never Back Down." The soundtrack hit almost as hard as Jake's punches. But to juxtapose the heavy nature of Jake's life, the music can representative of the gentle beast inside of him.

"Above and Below" by The Bravery. With a bit more of a mellow sound, this song adds more of a beach-rock flare for the "Never Back Down" soundtrack. Because the setting of the film is in Florida, a song that can really protray a setting will uplift a scene and pull the viewer into the movie more closely. Establishing a setting can be difficult, but the "Never Back Down" soundtrack song list doesn't fail to do that.

"Anthem for the Underdog" by 12 Stones. This pop-punk song certainly becomes a bit of the 'anthem' of the soundtrack for "Never Back Down." This song is about no one understanding who the underdog is. Its a song about triumph and positive thinking.