There are dozens of female superheroes out there. They cross every boundary imaginable and are some of the most popular characters of all time. They are frequently depicted as struggling to balance family life, finding love, and being a superhero. There are dozens to choose from, literally, someone for everyone to admire or follow.

Wonder Woman Wonder Woman is often considered the ultimate female superhero. Her story focuses not only on her battles against evil but her attempts to balance her two very separate lives and families, while maintaining her very public image and personal beliefs.

Batgirl – One of the first big female superhero sidekicks, Batgirl has gone through several incarnations in her time. She often comes from a broken past and has to prove herself to Batman. Batgirl is frequently depicted in a tumultuous relationship with the current Robin.

Oracle – Oracle is one of the first female superheroes to have to face a life altering injury and she triumphed, growing from Batgirl to Oracle. Her story is very much a coming of age all over again.

Huntress – Huntress is one of the few female superheroes who is almost always on the edge. From a troubled background she has more flexible morals then most of her compatriots but she has proven over and over again that her loyalty and goals are the same as other female superheroes.

Black Canary – Black Canary was a pioneer in all her forms. She is one of the first second generation superheroes, her mother was the first Black Canary, and the first female leader of the Justice League.

Sue Storm – The only female member of the legendary fantastic four, almost as famous for being a wife and mother as she is for being one of the premier female superheroes. Her recent struggles with her marriage in their storyline have made her even more interesting.

Rogue – One of the most popular female superheroes, her challenges in dealing with her abilities and having a life after embracing them have made her a model for overcoming challenges.

Storm – A pioneering superhero, Storm was one of the first black female superheroes, as well as one of the first black members of the X-Men. Her story has seen her change from a girl to a superhero to teacher to wife to queen.

Jean Grey – The first female member of the X-Men and considered one of the most powerful Marvel superheroes of all time. Her death was a shock and one of the first occasions of the death of a main character in a long running story.