Learning about epic adventure movies for guys is a good idea if you're planning on getting a bunch of guys pumped up to go on an adventure. And remember, "an adventure" can be something useful like taking your car into the shop, picking up beer, or fixing your refrigerator. Or maybe you just want an epic adventure movie to watch by yourself. So here's a fine selection of epic adventure movies for guys.

  1. "The Mark of Zorro" This is widely considered one of the first epic adventure movies for guys or for anyone else. It has it all: Ass-kicking, romance, physical comedy, and mustaches. What more could you ask for in an epic adventure movie for guys?

  2. "Gunga Din" Another early epic adventure movie, this one from the classic movie year of 1939. It features Cary Grant and, coincidentally, the son of the star of "The Mark of Zorro," Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. It also has lots of sword fights and big battle scenes from back when they had to use real people and horses, not CGI. If that's not one of the best epic adventure movies for guys I don't know what is.

  3. "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad" Epic adventure movies often have equally epic special effects. "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad" is a great example of this, with fantastic stop-motion effects from the master Ray Harryhausen.

  4. "Spartacus" Some would argue that in order to be a true epic adventure movie for guys, you need to have some graphic violence in there. Stanley Kubrick's "Spartacus" has at least one arm-hacking in it, so it should qualify for a list of epic adventure movies for guys. It also has a famously emotional climax that some guys have admitted to tearing up a little at. Epic!

  5. "Gladiator" Speaking of graphic violence, here's one of the movies to popularize that very thing for modern audiences. It also spawned a new wave of epic adventure movies for guys, none of which are quite as good as this one. Are you not entertained?

-Joseph Gibson