One of the hard cor fighting movies of 2008, The “Never Back Down” cast starred in this film about a secret world of mixed martial arts fighting. The movie is a spin on the classic “Karate Kid” storyline, with a new kid in town picked on and forced to learn how to fight back or fall to the numbers of the extreme fighting bullies. The movie is staffed with Oscar nominees, sex symbols and cult favorites.

Sean Faris – Sean Faris stars as Jake Tyler in the “Never Back Down” cast. In the movie, Jake is the young man who moves to the new town and immediately gets into a fight with the local muscle. After he loses, he learns MMA and comes back to kick butt. Faris starred in a couple of TV shows and had minor movie roles until he was cast in “Never Back Down.” Since then, he has mired in small roles once again.

Amber HeardAmber Heard stars as Baja Miller in the “Never Back Down” cast. She is the female love interest of Jake Tyler, the main character. She breaks up with the bad boy in the film and becomes part of what Jake fights for. Heard is a sex symbol that recently burned up the screen as the sexy waitress in the Nic Cage action extravaganza “Drive Angry,” wearing tight shirts and Daisy Duke shorts with amazing results.

Djimon Hounsou – The one big name in the “Never Back Down” cast is Djimon Hounsou. Hounsou stars as Jean Roqua, the man who trains Jake in the art of MMA fighting. Djimon Hounsou has earned two Oscar nominations in his career, the first for the slave movie “Amistad” and the second for the Leonardo DiCaprio movie “Blood Diamond.” Hounsou, despite the Oscar praise, has continued to star in geek friendly films as well, including “Constantine” and “Push.”

Cam GigandetCam Gigandet stars as Ryan McCarthy in the “Never Back Down” cast. Ryan is the bad guy in the film, starting a fight and beating up Jake in the beginning of the movie. In the same manner as “Karate Kid,” he is who Jake has to beat at the end to prove himself. Cam Gigandet is best known the world over, especially to teenage girls, as the villain James in the first “Twilight” movie.

Evan PetersEvan Peters stars as Max Cooperman, the sidekick, in the “Never Back Down” cast. Max is the friend who introduces Jake to MMA fighting and is also who gets beat up late in the movie to lead to the final showdown. Evan reached his greatest popularity on the sci-fi television series “Invasion” but has since co-starred in the cult comic book adaptation “Kick-Ass” as one of Dave Lizewski’ high school friends.

-Shawn Lealos