Below is a dinosaur movie list that will be worth your time watching. Dinosaur movies have long dominate the box offices when they come out. They've come in all sorts of different formats. Giant beasts charging at you, intent on devouring you in a single bite. Or cute little creatures that make you want to take them home.

  1. "Jurassic Park" An excellent example of why dinosaurs should not be brought back from extinction. An island sanctuary is quickly overrun by these massive man-eating creatures when a simple power failure happens. The few special tourist who were allowed to explore the island earlier must save themselves as they try to find a way off of this island before they become the next thing that goes extinct.

  2. "Magic in the Water" Taking his children on vacation, radio psychologist Jack Black is fortunate enough to have them discover a dinosaur living in the waters of British Columbia. The dinosaur though is dying from the pollution which happens and the family must save him. A good dinosaur movie for the entire family with a great cast.

  3. "Dinosaur" An orphaned dinosaur is raised by a pack of lemurs in this Disney movie. He must then make the long journey to a dinosaur sanctuary after his family's home is destroyed. This movie shows a softer side to dinosaurs and allows for children to view dinosaurs without being completely scared. This dinosaur movie also did well at the box office which proved that dinosaurs draw large crowds.

  4. "We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story"  Dinosaurs come back to life in this animated cartoon which puts them in the big city. Only this time they are smarter and nicer than before. A good movie for children.

  5. "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth"  Dinosaurs and humans live side-by-side in this movie and constantly battle one another. As a sacrifice is about to be made, the woman escapes and finds herself pitted against rival tribes and dinosaurs. The original dinosaur movie which showed humans and dinosaurs living together.

  6. "Land Before Time" This kids movie centers around a group of young dinosaurs who get into a series of different adventures. They made so many different versions of this movie that they stopped numbering the movies. A great way to introduce your kids to dinosaurs.

  7. "Land of the Lost" A movie that shows what happens when people mess with the the space-time continuum. A scientist manages to open up a vortex which pits him and his assistants into a alternate universe where they must fight against the dinosaurs which roam the planet. The movie is a comedic dinosaur movie so prepare to laugh.

  8. "Pterodactyl"  In the remote Turkish forest there is an extinct volcano which has perfectly preserved pterodactyl eggs which hatch and threaten to destroy all of humanity. A team of scientists and mercenaries are sent to destroy these hatchlings. It is a campy dinosaur movie so it may not appeal to everyone.

  9. "Dinosaurs!"  With an exclamation point in the title, you know this is going to be a great movie. While building a harbor in the Caribbean, two dinosaurs are dredged up from the bottom of the sea and then come back to life. If that's not enough, a Neanderthal is also brought back to life. This dinosaur movie is a good one for the kids. You will be able to get many cheap laughs from this movie.

  10. "Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend"  A young baby dinosaur is found by a paleontologist and her husband. Together, they must protect not only the baby dinosaur but her mother as well from poachers in Africa. This dinosaur movie is much more than just an entertaining story for children. While the dinosaur may be seen as unsophisticated to us now, the story shows how poachers in Africa will kill just about anything.