If you are looking for a great way to spend an afternoon, then consider watching one of the classic adventure movies to see before you die.  These films, which feature men and women of extraordinary courage attempting to pursue the greatest of adventures, are stirring tales that will have your heart beating and will leave you quite satisfied.

  1. “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” This classic film, which stars Humphrey Bogart, one of the greatest stars of classic Hollywood, is a chilling adventure story that shows what can happen when you allow yourself to become corrupted and paranoid by greed.  The film was shot largely outside of the U.S., and the exotic scenes, as well as the thrilling storyline, make this one of the classic adventure films that you must see.

  2. “Jurassic Park” This classic adventure film, directed by the great director Steven Spielberg, follows the adventures of a group of scientists and paleontologists as they struggle to survive in a park where dinosaurs have been brought back to life.  The special effects of this film are truly spectacular, and they set the stage for a revolution in the way that filming was done.  This is one adventure story that is sure to please even the pickiest film watcher.

  3. “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” If you are looking for more classic adventure, then be sure to catch this film, which was made by Walt Disney.  The special effects are actually quite sophisticated (considering the period in which it was made), and James Mason does an excellent job of bringing the egomaniacal Captain Nemo to life on the silver screen.

  4. “The Lord of the Rings” This trilogy of adventure films, directed by the great Peter Jackson, have become established as classics (the last installment, “The Return of the King,” was one of the most awarded and lucrative films in film history).  The films are surprisingly faithful to the vision set out by the novels, and have some of the best acting and special effects that you are likely to see in an adventure film.  Although watching them is a time investment, you will find that it is well worth the effort to take the time to watch them.

  5. “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark” This film, which was a major hit for actor Harrison Ford, is at times both exciting to watch but also chilling.  One of the last scenes in the film, in which a group of Nazis are destroyed by the vengeful spirits of the Ark of the Covenant, is one of the most iconic and chilling in adventure film history.

  6. “The Mummy Returns” Although this film is a sequel to another adventure story, in many ways it outshines its predecessor.  The acting is much more nuanced (for an adventure film) and the action and plot line are infinitely more engaging.  What’s more, at the end of this film, we actually feel as if we have related to the characters, something that definitely wasn’t the case in the first installment of this film series.

  7. “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” If you’re looking for lighter fare, then look no further than this film, starring some of the greatest comic talents Britain has ever produced.  Part rousing Arthurian adventure story and part delightful farce, this is an adventure movie that will keep you in stitches the entire time.