"The Clash of the Titans" Cast includes a group of film veterans and a few newcomers to the screen. "The Clash of the Titans" was released originally in 1981 and  was remade and released in 2010. The original film was directed by Desmond Davis and the new version by Louis Leterrier. The storyline follows the mythical Perseus on a trip to fight Kraken, a monster, and Medusa, the woman who can turn you to stone. Perseus is the son of the god Zeus. Zeus, as ever high school student knows, is the head guy of the underworld. Perseus is there to put the check on evil and save the Earth

  1. Sam Worthington as Perseus. Australian actor Worthington plays the lead role. He's known for his roles both on screen and on the stage. One well-recieved role was "Arthur Wellesley" in "Judas Kiss." 

  2. Liam Neeson as Zeus. Neeson is an Irish actor known for his many roles on film and stage. He was so well received in this film that he reprises his role as Zeus in the "Wrath of the Titans," a sequel to "The Clash of the Titans."

  3. Ralph Fiennes as Hades. Fiennes is well known to fans of Harry Potter, he plays Lord Voldemort, and also action film fans for his role in the film "The Hurt Locker." Fiennes also starred on television early in his career. 

  4. Jason Flemyng as the joint characters of Calibos and Acrisius. Flemyngs acting skills are such that he can play characters decades older than his actual age. The British actor started his career in television, including roles on "Doctor Finlay" and "The Youn Indiana Jones Chronicles" in the 19902. 

  5. Gemma Arterton as Io. Another British actor in the cast, Arterton graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. She began her career on televsion as Tess Durbeyfield in "Tess of the D'Urbervilles." 

  6. Alexa Davalos as Andromeda. Davalos started in the arts as a photographic model and then moved to television. Her role as "Gwen Raiden" on "Angel" in the early 2000s was one of her first. 

  7. Luke Evans as Apollo. A relative newcomer to film, Evans had only two major film roles before taking the part of "Apollo" in "The Clash of the Titans." He'll went on to star as "Sheriff's Thug" in "Robin Hood."

  8. Izabella Miko as Athena. Miko is a Polish actress who took the role as "Athena" in "The Clash of the Titans." She has stared in films and on television. You may recognize Miko as the role of "Carrie" on the television series "Deadwood."

  9. Liam Cunningham as Solon. Another Irish actors takes a role in "The Clash of the Titans." Cunningham has worked steadily since the 1980s when he decided to change careers from electronics to acting. He's acted as "Chris" on "Roughnecks" in the 1990s and as "Malcolm Keown" on "The Clinic," in addition to "Richard Tate" on the television show "Outcasts" in 2011.

  10. Tine Stapelfeldt as Danae. The role of "Danae" in "The Clash of the Titans" was Tine Stapelfeldt's first major role. Her face is known to followers of fashion. When she's not making films, Stapelfeldt is a fashion model. 

  11. Mads Mikkelsen as Draco. Mikkelsen got his first experience in the Danish film industry. He's a huge star in Denmark, having starred in such hits as "Flickering Lights." 

-Lee Grayson