The "Bourne"movies were equally, if not more, successful then the novels they were based on. The trilogy includes "The Bourne Identity", "The Bourne Supremacy", and "The Bourne Ultimatum". Though there are already over eight books in the series the movies have, for the time being, stopped. Matt Damon made an excellent reputation for himself as an action star that can still act while jumping through windows and shooting everyone in sight during these movies. And of course, the action sequences and editing in these movies were incredible, enough to earn them several Oscars. Well written, well acted, well directed, and with just enough romance and emotional tie in to make the movies enjoyable for everyone.

"The Bourne Identity"

The beginning of the "Bourne" Movie trilogy and arguably the best, watching Matt Damon’s bullet ridden body being pulled out of the water and his struggle to regain his memory amidst terrible violence left everyone watching on the edge of their seats. It’s not a situation many people can relate to but its one pretty much everyone finds enjoyable to watch on television or on the big screen. Who didn’t want to just hug Matt Damon and comfort him as he struggled to understand and remember why all these people were trying to kill him?

"The Bourne Supremacy"

The second movie in the "Bourne" movie trilogy saw the sobering death of Matt Damon’s love interest, Marie (played by Franka Potente), causing Bourne to once again return to his violent life to hunt down her killer. This movie introduces Landy, later a key ally and reintroduces Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles), who is besides Bourne and Marie, the only character to appear in all three films. This film was also the start of Bourne’s offensive against the people responsible for Treadstone and Blackbriar.

"The Bourne Ultimatum"

The final movie in the "Bourne" movie trilogy saw Bourne face down the men directly responsible for everything in one final free for all. The movie had a fitting ending, after saving the life of Nicky Parsons, with whom its rumored Bourne was in love with before he lost his memory, Bourne finally destroys the man in charge and is then shot off a rooftop and disappears into the river. It’s a fitting ending, as you see Bourne swimming away after the television pronounces him dead. An obvious open-ended ending that may or may not lead to another movie in the future.

"The Bourne Legacy"

Not much has been announced about this Bourne movie and what is tends to change within a day or two. Matt Damon was attached on and off as was Paul Greengrass to direct. As of right now its believed that Jeremy Renner will be the lead and that Rachel Weiss may play his love interest. The movie isn’t supposed to be a prequel or sequel, rather a story of another spy dealing with the fall out of Treadstone and what happened in the first three movies.