A buddy buddy action film about two brothers with a talent for violence and a need to protect fires the !0 best "Boondock Saints" quotes into our hearts. Besides St. Patrick's Day this is the other time where everyone feels a bit Irish as they join Connor and Murphy on their quest or rampage depending on your perspective. Go forth well armed with these references:

"I'm strangely comfortable with it." This quote brings home what a turn of events has happened to the "Boondock Saints" and how morality can be reset and still end up with hard boundaries. It's a tip of the hat to violence in society and how it's just not repulsive anymore

"Name one thing you're gonna need a rope for." One thing you're guaranted to see in an acttion movie, so people using equipment. James Bond uses the gadgets supplied even if a screwdriver might've been better. This line is a great set up for down the road..

"Well it certainly illustrates the diversity of the word." Rocco takes a certain impolite word and makes it a noun, verb, adverb, conjunction and adjective. If you're past a certain age you've probably done what Rocco has, or at least heard it, and this line is great to throw back at someone. A quick comment on our language while keeping the tone of surprise that the scene held makes this a "Boondock Saints" special.

"Now Roc, are you sure that you're obeee kaybee?" Rocco's accoutrement shows some earnest effort but falls a bit short. This line can make a person collapse in how it's visually set up as well as the delivery by Connor and Murphy. The funniest line of the "Boondock Saints" by far.

"We'll start the ass kissing with you." Willem Dafoe owns this scene as he shows off the physical flourishes he's crafted for his character, and trashes any stereotypes the audience might have about Smecker's sexuality. The "Boondock Saints" messes with conventions, but also tackles prejudice head on while celebrating the positive. 

"No! They would never do that. Well the two Irish guys wouldn't, the Italian guy might. He's kinda an idiot." Smecker gets asked if the "Boondock Saints" would ever hurt the innocent and Smecker, even drunk, knows that Rocco isn't the brains behind...well anything. It captures the brother's personal code but also shows that even though they're carrying Rocco, he's their friend and that's what matters. Defoe does drunken soul searching with keen insight..

"Is it dead?" Spoiler alert, something dies. So instead of completely spoiling it, just know it was brutal and surprising. Rocco asking after the fact will either make you howl at the idea that anything lived through the event or make you wince as you realize that you have a friend just as clueless.

"I can't buy a pack of smokes without running into nine guys you've ****." Rocco goes full aggro on his girlfriend's friend. This quote is a perennial favorite as you can use it on any friend, regardless of gender. The facial expressions on Rocco makes this perfect comedy in the world of the "Boondock Saints."

"Well we'll have to check with your mom, but it's okay with me if your friends sleep over." Dafoe shows his dominance as Smecker continues to hold the reins. Smecker leads the pack through wits not size. One of the best Alpha male performances in "Boondock Saints."

"Television is the explanation for this. You see this in bad television." If you can't laugh at yourself don't expect anyone to ever laugh with you. "Boondock Saints" takes normal action movie devices and dissects and discusses them. That's what makes it so entertaining.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   --Matthew Langenfeld