The “Casino Royale” cast accomplished the impossible. They helped reboot a franchise that had fallen on hard times and made it exciting and entertaining to watch again. While Pierce Borsnan made a good James Bond, the entire series needed a reboot and, thanks to the success of the “Bourne Identity,” James Bond had a new direction in store. After casting Daniel Craig as Bond, the series began to fill in the holes and soon became one of the best movie series once again.

Daniel Craig

The first step for rebooting the franchise and filling out the “Casino Royale” cast was to find a new James Bond. Daniel Craig was vilified by a number of hardcore James Bond fans when he was cast. They screamed that Bond was not supposed to be blonde and Craig was too old. Once the movie hit theaters, those fans were proven wrong. Craig is perfect in the new James Bond world, one that is less about gadgets and more about espionage and action. It is a throwback to Sean Connery and Craig is a perfect addition to the franchise.

Eva Green

The next obvious step when filling out a “Casino Royale” cast is to find a perfect Bond Girl. The perfect person for this role is a sexy woman who can also seem deadly in the right situations. Eva Green is masterful as Vesper Lynd, gorgeous and sexy, yet threatening and dangerous. There have been many great Bond Girls over the last twenty-plus movies and Eva Green matches up well with them all.

Jesper Christensen

The final step in rounding out the “Casino Royale” cast is to find the perfect villain. The new direction of the series, taking the action into a more realistic realm, made the choosing of the villain important and making the character of Mr. White a middleman for a terrorist financial organization sets the action more in the real world than say, a man who wants to blow up the moon or something. He survives the movie as well, making an appearance in the next film in the series.

Judi Dench

The producers must have felt there needed to be something to connect the “Casino Royale” cast to the pervious James Bond films. Then again, maybe they just know that Judi Dench is a great actress. Judi Dench reprises her role as M in the movie, Bond’s contact and handler. She has owned the role since 1995’s “GoldenEye” and continues to own the role in a way few other actresses could.

Jeffrey Wright

The new James Bond franchise also needed a new cast of supporting characters since it took the stories back to the beginning. Jeffrey Wright supplied a big supporting role in the Bond universe as American CIA agent Felix Lester. The character has been around since 1962, when he appeared in “Dr. No.” Wright is the eighth actor to play him and only one of two men to portray the character in two different movies.