Sports and movies are a large part of nearly every man's life, so it is only fitting to create a list of the best sports movies for guys. Many may wonder what use this type of list will serve, though the answer is quite simple—it offers wonderful gift ideas for their men. Below is a list of sports movies that should be considered for that wonderful gift idea.

  1. "Field of Dreams" "If you build it, he will come" is the catch phrase in the 1989 hit sports movie "Field of Dreams. "If you buy it, he will watch" will certainly hold true for this Kevin Costner classic that features a poor farmer who builds a baseball field on his property where the ghosts of former baseball greats come to play.

  2. "Varsity Blues" Aside from featuring Ali Larter in a whip cream bikini, "Varsity Blues" offers the male viewer plenty of sports action as the movie features a Texa high school football team fighting for a spot in the state playoffs. 

  3. "Slap Shot" This 1977 comedy about a lousy hockey team in a small, northern town is the perfect movie for guys as it features the three Bs: beer, booze and breasts. Also featured in this classic hockey film are a plethora of fights. However, there is one minor downfall: Viewers have to adjust to the terrible '70s hair and clothing. 

  4. "Major League" "Major League" is another popular 1989 sports movie as it features stars such as Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, Corbin Bernsen, Rene Russo and Wesley Snipes. This is the typical chumps to champs movie that guys absolutely love as the owner of the Cleveland Indians fields a team of misfits in hopes of having a losing season so she can move the team to another city.

  5. "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story" This 2004 cult classic stars Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Rip Torn and Christine Taylor. It is about a gym owner who puts a dodgeball team together in hopes of winning a tournament and saving his gym. This sports movie has everything a guy enjoys in a film: comedy, violence, hot women and a lesbian kissing scene. 

  6. "All the Right Moves" This popular 1983 drama is the perfect sports movie for guys as it is about a high school football team in a downtrodden mill town in the heart of Pennsylvania. It also stars guy movie veterans Tom Cruise and Craig T. Nelson, along with 1980s sexpot Lea Thompson.

  7. "North Dallas Forty" Nick Nolte stars in this 1979 guy movie that portrays an NFL team, the North Dallas Bulls. It is about a couple of aging players who will try anything to stay competitive. What makes this the perfect guy flick, however, is that the movie touches on many characteristics of the NFL during that era, such as drugs, sex and wild parties. 

  8. "The Longest Yard" It's only fitting to have a best sports movie for guys list that features a movie staring Bert Reynolds. "The Longest Yard" is a 1974 action/comedy that featured a football game between the convicts and the prison guards. The filming of this movie was so intense that one of the actors actually injured himself during filming. The movie also features ex-football players Mike Henry (Rams), Ray Nitschke (Packers) and Joe Kapp (Vikings). Reynolds also played college football at Florida State University.

  9. "Necessary Roughness" There are not too many guys who do not enjoy watching this popular sports movie that featured the Texas State Universit Fighting Armadillos. This movie is particularly popular with men between 35 to 45 since it features two aging has-been stars who revived their college careers as they led their team to victory over an instate rival. Oh yeah, it also stars supermodel Kathy Ireland. Enough said. 

  10. "Mystery Alaska" This 1999 drama does not feature any hot women, nude breast scenes, kissing lesbians or slap stick comedy. However, this sports movie for guys offers great acting and a very good story about a hockey team that was featured in "Sports Illustrated" and later took on the New York Rangers on their home ice.