Battle Decepticons with the Transformers 2 Cast

Monday, September 19 by Amanda Ferguson

The "Transformers 2" cast consisted of all of the usual suspects that appeared in the first "Transformers" movie. In "Transformers 2" the awkward Sam Witwicky finds himself attempting to have a normal life. But the Decepticons begin targetting him by putting decriptive symbols in his mind. Sam must once again help the Autobots with their war against the Decpticons.

Shia LeBeouf. As the leading man for the "Transformers" series, Shia LeBeouf has the ability to seamlessly blend comedy and action. Playing Sam Witwicky he is awkwardly plunged into a world where alien robots battle each other and the most popular girl at school now has his affections. Shia LeBeouf's acting isn't Oscar worthy, but certainly swoon worthy for so many fans.

Megan Fox. As the eye candy of the "Transformers" series, Megan Fox graces the screen with her beauty. Playing Mikaela Banes, Fox makes running from Deceptacons look effortless. However, she is no damsel in distress. Fox's feisty personality shines through as she showcases what it takes to be rough around the edges. Unfortunately, Fox won't be appearing in the next installation of the "Transformers" movie series.

Josh Duhamel. Being the more stabalized character in the "Transformers" series is never easy. Josh Duhamel plays Mr. Lennox who leads the government side on fighting against the Deceptocons, along with the Autobots and Sam. He uses sexy military jargon and his special skills to help lead the way for the rest of the military.

Tyrese Gibson. As the USAF Master Sergeant Epps, Tyrese represent a lot of what America represents as a whole – strong, at war, focused. As the opposite to Duhamel's character ( who is more fluid and acts out of passion ), Gibson's character plays by the book.Or at least he attempts to.

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