Atlantis Movies

Thursday, April 7 by Diana Kells

There have been many Atlantis movies on the big screen. The whole mythos has blockbuster written all over it without the worry of offending anyone. Want to know which Atlantis movies are worth your time? Here is a list of some of the best movies that deal with this mythological world.

  1. "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" Perhaps it's because this movie is a cartoon or it's the side characters who all have rather distinct personalities, but Disney was able to create a convincing underwater city. While the movie should not be seen as a documentary, it is still good enough to watch with the kids.
  2. "Atlantis, the Lost Continent" Greek fisherman finds a beautiful woman only to realize she is an Atlantean princess. Now he must bring her back to the un-sunken Atlantean kingdom. Once there, he uncovers a powerful sorcerer is controlling the king. Rallying the people, he must now help save the entire Greek world while dealing with falling in love with the beautiful princess he has saved.
  3. "Journey to the Center of the Earth" In this original version, Atlantis can be found in the core of the Earth, existing like it did for millions of years before. If you plan on watching this movie, make sure to get the older movie since the newer movie can be pretty boring at parts.
  4. "Alien from L.A." An '80s movie made about Atlantis. How can anything be wrong with that? Kathy Ireland stars in this movie about entering the underground world of Atlantis where people don't believe in the above world. Make sure to catch the original version, the cut for TV one leaves much to be desired.
  5. "Warlords of the Deep" This Atlantis movie deals yet again with a boat being dragged down into the sea where the ancient city of Atlantis is alive and well. The aliens living in Atlantis want to return to the surface and rule over mankind. A professor and his son, along with the help of a slave daughter, must stop this from happening.
  6. "L'Atlantide" This movie is in black and white as well as French, but the storyline is better than most things Hollywood creates. Atlantis is located underneath the Sahara desert. When two lost male explorers enter, they are trapped there by the beautiful queen who is not used to having men in her kingdom.
  7. "Siren of Atlantis" In the same genre as "L'Atlantide," this movie also shows some hapless male explorers ending up in the Atlantis queen's palace where they are subjected to be her lovers for all eternity. Why there are not more Atlantis movies made like this anymore, no one knows.
  8. "Screamers" Atlantis is found and it's in the Caribbean. One scientist convinces the other to do genetic experiments of the people of the island to create monstrous creatures. Probably the scene everyone will forward to deals with the scientist's scantly clad daughter who has a psychic link with these monsters taking a midnight dip with them in nothing but a thin white dress.
  9. "Beyond Atlantis" Explorers fin buried treasure on an island and try to claim it, but natives aren't going to give up their treasure that easy. This movies deals with the fighting over who gets it.
  10. "Atlantis" A movie rarely seen, but this one is actually pretty good. It deals with a young girl trying to find her place in the world and ending up living in Atlantis. Basically, the movie boils down to her finding a Utopian society she loves, but there is something that compels her to leave.
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