Anti-hero movies deliver the ferocious action and gritty landscape about fighting back against the crime in their own violent way. Movies with an anti-hero show a world where the law works against the innocent or someone who is not the ideal person to come to the rescue. Plots work hard to make the anti-hero redeemable in the eyes of movie audiences since they react to their environment in a brutal manner. Many audiences love an anti-hero movie where a guy battles back even though he's not the most ideal to champion against evil. Anti-hero movies celebrate the accidental savior and the triumph over the harsh society that created them. 

  1. "Punisher: War Zone." Ray Stevenson plays the titular anti-hero from the famed pages of Marvel comics who seeks vengeance against crime for the murder of his family. Frank Castle, aka the Punisher, accidentally kills an undercover FBI agent and begins to contemplate his war while a survivor of one of his killing sprees returns as a fearsome foe, Jigsaw. Lexi Alexander directed this violent masterpiece about one man' unstoppable road to destroy all lawbreakers.

  2. "Death Wish." Charles Bronson's classic features an architect whose wife is killed and daughter is raped by violent criminals. His shattered world turns him into a vigilante who stalks the troubled streets alone with a gun to kill any crook. The movie is the benchmark for so many anti-hero films for years to come.

  3. "Payback." Mel Gibson is a street tough man named Porter who plans to take out his ex-partner and junkie wife after a difficult betrayal. Recovery for him involves winning back the money from a Chinese gang heist and doing a little good along the way. Lucy Liu, James Coburn and Kris Kristofferson round out the cast of hoodlums looking to get in the way of another crook's money and revenge.

  4. "Death Sentence." Kevin Bacon's executive, Nick Hume, has his normal world turned upside down after witnessing the murder of his son during a robbery. The father begins a dark path where an eye for an eye is the just policy to handle the criminals who ruined his family. This is a celebration of an anti-hero based on Brian Garfield's novel which also inspired "Death Wish."

- Eduardo Camacho