Anti-hero movies for guys are just so damn hard to resist. While the lead character may not be the most noble guy in the world, he’s so likable.  We can’t help but root for him, even if his goal is to lie, cheat, steal and murder his way through life.

  1. “Fight Club” The quintessential guy movie, “Fight Club” features a great anti-hero in the form of Tyler Durden. Founder of the films title club, where middle-aged men gather to beat each other up, Tyler Durden is focused on goals much greater. His Project Mayhem is responsible for instituting chaos in the streets and the film climaxes with the destruction of several credit card buildings, setting the countries credit card debt back to zero. And let’s admit it, Brad Pitt is pretty damn sexy.

  2. “Scarface” Idolized by anyone who came from nothing and dreams of having everything, Tony Montana represents a little part of everyone. Following the mantra “the world is yours”, this anti-hero comes from the streets of Cuba to muscle his way to the top of the Miami drug trade. With a “little friend” and a mean coke habit, Tony makes his dreams come true. Who cares how many people he murdered along the way?

  3. “Taxi Driver” Disillusioned and slightly insane, Travis Bickle is an intensely interesting anti-hero to watch. With easy access to an arsenal of weapons, the audience gets the impending sense that he is going to go on a massive rampage. The tension builds throughout the film as he ponders the possible assassination of a political figure, but ultimately settles on taking out a group of pimps to save a child prostitute.

  4. “Wall Street” Living by the words “greed is good”, Gordon Gecko is a prime example of a likable anti-hero. Even though we know he already has billions of dollars and is obsessed with destroying companies and making even more, it’s hard to not want him to succeed. How many yachts can Gordon Gecko waterski behind? As many as he wants.

  5. “Dirty Harry” It’s safe to say that no crook feels luck in the presence of Harry Callahan. With a .45 magnum and a good sense of what he feels is right and wrong, Dirty Harry hands out some good old fashioned vigilante justice on a silver platter. Never following the rules, but always getting his man, Dirty Harry is one anti-hero that no one will ever mess with.