Adventure movies that women will love need to have more than explosions and car chases. Female viewers want brains in their movies and smart female characters along the way. Hot males are also needed to give women something to keep their attention while watching action flicks.

  1. “Return of the Jedi” – While “The Empire Strikes Back” is the better movie, this is an adventure movie that women will love. The reason this one appeals to more women is because the good guys win and there are a lot of furry Ewoks running around.

  2. “Speed” – The plot for this movie is simple. A bus has to maintain a specific speed or it will blow up. What makes this an adventure movie that women will love is the side story of the relationship between cop Keanu Reeves and passenger Sandra Bullock.

  3. “Back to the Future”Michael J. Fox stars in this time travel sci-fi adventure movie that women will love. The movie is not a deep sci-fi film, remaining accessible for mainstream audiences and features Michael J. Fox while he was at the top of his game. It is a feel good family film that hits on every level.

  4. “Up” – Pixar is the greatest animated film company releasing movies today. In this release, an old geezer and a young cub scout end up in the South American wilderness looking for a famous, missing explorer. The movie is touching, beautiful and one of the best adventure movies that women will love.

  5. “300” – The reason this movie is one of the adventure movies that women will love is because of the chiseled abs of the Spartans who spend most of their time with their shirts off. While there is lots of blood and guts for men, the hot, half naked warriors should be enough to satisfy most women.

  6. “The Wizard of Oz” – This classic family film is a perfect movie for just about anyone. The fact it is, at its heart, the story of a young girl who is far from home makes this an adventure movie that women will love. The movie remains as today as it was when it was released.

  7. “How to Train Your Dragon”DreamWorks released this animated movie, proving they are growing closer to Pixar in terms of quality. The movie is an adventure movie that women will love about a young Viking who befriends a small, cute dragon and helps save his entire tribe in the meantime.

  8. “The Princess Bride” – This is a fairy tale that is funny enough to win over men and sweet enough to be an adventure movie that women will love. A young princess is kidnapped by three evil men and a mysterious pirate sets out to save her. It is a sweet love story that is as irreverent as anything you will ever see.

  9. “Pirates of the Caribbean” – Johnny Depp is hilarious as Captain Jack Sparrow, a pirate wanted by authorities, who sets out to help save a young woman and rescue a fellow pirate who has lived a secret all his life. It is a fun romp that is a great movie for men and women of all ages.

  10. “True Lies”James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger created the “Terminator” movies for guys and, with this movie, made something women could love too. While Arnold played a secret agent, the movie found its ground with Jamie Lee Curtis playing his wife sucked into the secret agent world she never knew existed.