While some adventure movies are good date flicks, this adventure movies list for guys contains none of them. These are violent, loud, action-packed films without a feminine side. The adventure movies list for guys features guys killing guys, guys killing aliens, aliens killing guys, and the occasional flash of gratuitous nudity just for good measure. Check out this adventure movies list for guys.

  1. "Predator" - The ultimate flick for dudes, "Predator" tops our adventure movies list for guys. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as the leader of an elite commando unit on a mission in South America that involves blowing a lot of stuff up and killing a lot of guerillas alongside fellow guys' guys Carl Weathers, Bill Duke, and Jesse Ventura. The commandos are then hunted down one by one by an extraterrestrial big game killer. Arms are severed, chests punctured, and blood flies, until Arnold and the Predator go man-to-alien in a battle to the death. No other film could head up this adventure movies list for guys.

  2. "The Last Boy Scout" - This foul-mouthed action film from the nineties has Bruce Willis playing a private eye who teams up with drug-addicted football player Damon Wayans to uncover a conspiracy. This entry on our adventure movies list for guys has bloody deaths, explosions, dirty jokes, profane insults, and a completely extraneous strip club scene. Best not to watch this one with the old lady.

  3. "Conan the Barbarian" - Based on the sword-and-sorcery tales of Robert E. Howard, "Conan" once again stars Arnold in the lead as a warrior determined to crush his enemies and take revenge for the death of his family and clan. Swordfights, monsters, and lots of female flesh greet Conan in his journey to defeat snake-cult leader Thulsa Doom, played by the man with the manliest voice ever, James Earl Jones. It is essential viewing for any adventure movies list for guys.

  4. "Crank" - Jason Statham stars as hitman Chev Chelios, who must keep his adrenaline pumping or die of a deadly "Beijing cocktail" poison, in this film that hits straight to the thirteen-year-old boy in all of us. He kicks ass, cracks wise, and has sex with his beautiful girlfriend in the middle of Chinatown, all to keep going in his quest for revenge. It is a quick, fun watch, perfect for our adventure movies list for guys.

  5. "Goldfinger" - No adventure movies list for guys would be complete without a James Bond film, and this one is arguably the best. Bond escapes in his gadget-laden Aston-Martin, trysts with a woman named Pussy Galore, and tries to stop the film's namesake villain from stealing all the gold in Fort Knox. It is a classic of the genre and closes out our adventure movies list for guys.