Adventure movies from Europe takes death-defying action and larger than life characters across the exotic continent. Europe has always been an excellent location to have movies bring excitement and grandeur to their adventure storylines. Movies live to be larger than life and there is no better place to showcase a wondrous adventure for audiences worldwide than Europe. European adventures give movies a vibrant and mysterious feel with its ancient cities and world famous monuments throughout its fantastic landscape. Adventure movies from Europe are an excellent source to witness fabulous locales and intense action as the stirring plot boils over and the best thrill ride goes through the streets in the eastern part of the hemisphere.

  1. "The Tourist." Johnny Depp stars as an American, Frank Tupelo, who travels to Europe in order to cure his broken heart. Frank meets a mysterious woman during a train ride to Venice named Elise Clifton-Ward. She causes people around him to believe he is her lover and now both must try to evade the police and the local gangsters

  2. "If Looks Could Kill." A French student, Richard Grieco as Michael Corben, goes on a field trip to Europe and is mistaken for a secret agent by the evil August Steranko. Soon, government agencies from both the UK and U.S. now have enlisted him to prevent an international incident as well as made him a target for Steranko's troupe of killers. He must use his street smarts and gadgets to stop an assassination plot while earning enough credit to graduat high school.

  3. "Th Transporter 3." The third installment in the franchise brings the world's best wheel man, Jason Statham's Frank Martin, back to deliver the daughter of an Ukranian official. Conspirators working for a high priced client now force Frank to take the woman across Europe with an explosive device attached to his wrist. His expert skills are put to the test as he must find a way to survive and rescue the young lady at the same time.

  4. "GoldenEye." James Bond's latest adventure takes him across Europe to hunt down an old colleague who wants to acquire a nuclear spac weapon. 007 must contend with a sexy assassin and recover the GoldenEye access codes. The European agent now protects a lovely Russian scientist from the sinister organization as they fight to stop a plot for world domination. 

  5. "From Paris with Love." The U. S. Ambassador's young aide in Europe picks up an eccentric government agent named Charlie Wax. Charlie appears unassuming until the young aide and the agent go for a ride across the fabled city. The covert agent soon takes the young man on a wild adventure of murder and mayhem to take down terrorists in Paris.