Action heroes who demolish the bad guys and woo the women always leave the audience hungry for more as you can see with these action heroes from 90's movies. Luckily, the 90's delivered a stable of heroes that quenched ou thirst so well that many are still popular. Here is a list of the hottest action stars of the 90's and some of the movies that still pack that action punch.

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger. When Schwarzenegger showed up in Hollywood, producers weren't quite sure what to do about his heavy accent. They decided to dub his voice for his first movie role, "Hercules in New York." It's hilarious to watch. Turns out one of the most memorable things about this 90's action hero is his accent. Heck, his "I'll be back" line in "Terminator" resonated so indelibly, he was a hit as the bad guy. So much so, they made him the hero in "Terminator 2." If everything about Schwarzenegger is as big as his action hero status, then Maria is one lucky woman.

  2. Sylvester Stallone. The Rocky franchise may have been nearing its last leg with the release of Rocky V in 1990, but Stallone was still rockin' n rollin' as one of Hollywood's highest paid action heroes in the 90's with hits like "Cliffhanger," "Demolition Man" and "The Specialist."

  3. Bruce Willis. The rather Average Joe looking, low talking Willis took the action-hero world by storm with his blockbuster role in "Die Hard." In the 90's, he followed up his action hero movie status with "Die Hard 2" and other hits like "The Fifth Element," "Striking Distance" and "The Last Boy Scout." This full-range actor has appeared in films that have grossed over $2.5 billion.

  4. Denzel Washington. Strikingly handsome Washington is one of Hollywood's favorite leading men and A-list actors. Not too many women watched this beefy hunk's memorable strip-down-to-his underwear scene in his 90's hit, "Ricochet," without tightly crossed legs. His 90's action hero movies also brought us "Crimson Tide," "Virtuosity" and "The Siege." His memorable on-screen sex appeal has delivered over $1.8 billion in ticket sales.

  5. Keanu Reeves. With his exotic good looks and boy-next-door charm, Reeves took our breath away in his 1999 role as Neo in the mega blockbuster, "The Matrix." He actually made his 90's action-hero debut in the racy hit, "Speed," in 1994 as the hunky, but cool-under-fire Officer Jack Traven. He rounded out his 90's action hero movies with "Poin Break," "Johnny Mnemonic" and "Chain Reaction."

- Rose Smith