The Tron Legacy soundtrack song list tells a story of a son on a quest to find and save his missing father who has been transported to the Grid, a virtual computer world. The Tron Legacy soundtrack song list was composed entirely by Daft Punk, a French electronic music duo.   The Tron Legacy soundtrack song list generally received positive reviews from critics. Here is the complete Tron Legacy soundtrack song list:

Overture.  This track provides a short yet hauntingly beautiful introduction into the Tron Legacy soundtrack.

The Grid. This  Tron Legacy soundtrack song  is overlaid with audio of Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn explaining exactly what the grid is and how he used the grid to create the universe he lives in.

The Son of Flynn. This is a rather upbeat Tron Legacy soundtrack song which serves as an ode to the film's protagonist, Sam.

Recognizer.  This beautiful song was created for the Recognizer, a hovering vehicle which is used to capture programs.

Armory.  This song plays in the background as Sam is captured and taken to the Armory. He will now be forced to battle in the Arena.

Arena.  This short but ominous song serves as a backdrop as Sam is forced to battle other programs in the Arena.

Rinzler.  This song signals the appearance of Rinzler,  a villain who Sam must fight in the Arena final.

The Game Has Changed.  This is a rather plodding, methodical track that signals a turning point in the film.

Outlands. This song perfectly captures one of the main themes of the movie, the revelation that comes with a great discovery.

Adagio For Tron.  This song coincides with the part of the film in which Sam is reunited with his father.

Nocturne.  This smooth, rather relaxing song is one of the highlights of the soundtrack.

End of Line. This is a melodic song with a contemporary club sound.

Derezzed.  This may be the most popular song on the Tron Legacy soundtrack. Its up-tempo beat is sure to keep heads nodding.

Fall. This is an exciting, base heavy track.

Solar Sailer.  This is smooth song that provides a reflective feel.

Rectifier.  This terrorizing song provides an ominous tone and hints towards coming danger.

Disc Wars.  This is a very intense song that signals the beginning of a climatic ending.

C.L.U.  This song perfectly complements a pivotal escape scene in the movie.

Arrival. This beautiful song captures the mood of the final showdown of the film.

Flynn Lives.  This is a celebratory song to cap off a victorious journey.

Tron Legacy (End Titles). This track signals the end of the film.

Finale.   This final song encapsulates the journey that is the Tron Legacy soundtrack song list.

-Jay Bonmon