Pirate movies bring the swash buckling advbenture of the high seas to audiences for many years as they relive their childhood memories. Nothing can be better than seeing these ancient anti-heroes fly across the screen and take on other ships or supernatural entities. Swords and cannonballs are on the menu as these movies showcase the gorgeous ships and crystal blue waters. Pirates are the stuff of cinematic legend from Blackbeard to Jack Sparrow where the best and the worst of these notorious bandits of the sea are on display. These pirate movies appeal to the inner child who long to venture out toward the sunset and stars.

"Treasure Island"

This Disney classic brings to life Robert Louis Stevenson's book of the same name about buried treasure and the infamous pirate, Long John Silver. The movie will tickle your inner child as the young boy, Jim Hawkins, gets mixed up with a treasure hunt of epic proportions when he gets a map that locates Captain Flint's buried fortune. Robert Newton plays the devious pirate with such relsih that he reprised the role in another film as well as a TV series.

"The 7th Voyage of Sinbad"

A famed Persian pirate of the high seas capitalized on the popularity of previous films released by Columbia. No movie fan can resist Ray Harryhausen's stop animation creations, especially a giant bird and man-eating cyclop. The action and adventure is overtop as a gorgeous damsel in distress, Princess Parisa, and a genie thrown in for good measure. In 2008, the Library of Congress inducted this movie into the National Film Registry.


Steven Speilberg's twist on the J.M. Barry's classic literary hero, Peter Pan, who now is a grown up with a wife and kids. His nemesis, Captain Hook and his pirates, venture to the real world and kidnap Peter's kids back to Neverland. Robin Williams brings his quirky spin on the adult Peter Pan who forgot his inner child and Julia Roberts as his fairy sidekick, Tinkerbell. The best feature of the movie isn't the special effects but Dustion Hoffman's turn as the well-mannered but lethal Captain Hook. 

"The Goonies"

The modern treasure hunt brings a rag tag bunch of misfits to seek out adventure after finding a pirate treasure map. The movie combined the great movie-making talents of Richard Donner, Steven Speilberg and Frank Marshall. If that doesn't sell you, the soundtrack boasts 80's icon Cyndi Lauper's song, "The Goonies R Good Enough." 

"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest"

Johnny Depp resurrects the swash buckling genre as the cocky, loose cannon of a pirate, Jack Sparrow. Orlando Bloom trades his bow, arrows and elvish ears for a sword and adventure at the high seas, which apparently is safer that fighting orcs in Middle-earth. The movie has everything a fan could want from sword fights, cannon-blasting ships and even an undead pirate crew to up the ante!

Eduardo Camacho