007 never hurt for women, but looking back, who were the best James Bond girls of all time? For any less of a spy, these beautiful women could have become a major distraction that would have led away from success of the mission. James Bond, however, is a top spy, and while he derives satisfaction on many levels from his intercourse with these women, they always become an equal partner in his success. With smoking looks, and deadly hot skills, these women know how to handle a man, even 007. Watching these Bond girls will leave you shaken, and stirred.

Honey Rider 

Honey meets James as she strides out of the ocean where she is diving for conch shells in the film "Dr. No." James doesn't waste much time in getting around to doing some diving of his own. Honey helps James, showing him a way to escape the evil henchmen on the master of the island. Played by Ursula Andress, this role helped catapult her career into success.

Pussy Galore 

How much? More as the film goes on, for sure. James first seduces her after they fight it out using their best judo techniques in the barn at Goldfinger's stud farm. Played by Honor Blackman in the film "Goldfinger," this character is one of the most memorable Bond girls in the history of the franchise.

Dr. Holly Goodhead 

The film "Moonraker" boasts some of the most evil villains including Jaws and Drax, but one of the most lovely Bond girls, Dr. Holly Goodhead, a scientist at the Moonraker complex played by Lois Chiles. This film takes Bond and Dr. Goodhead into outer space, where they stop the destruction of the human race, then experience blast off together in 0 gravity


In "Casino Royale" James meets and beds the villain Alex Dimirios' girlfriend, Solange, played by Caterina Murino. She meets a sad end, being tortured for information by the arch-villain Le Chiffre after James dispatches Alex. A lovely loss, but one not uncommon in the world of Bond girls.

Camille Montes 

Played by Olga Kurylenko, Camille is on a vendetta mission like James Bond in the film "Quantum of Solace." Both Bond and Camille have lost people important to them in their past. Camille helps Bond decide whether he is going to live with a death wish the rest of his career as a 00. A beauty with substance, Camille is a powerful bond girl that helps move Bond into another century of great action films.

-Alan Murdock