While Will Smith may have won some serious actor street cred with heavy hitters like "The Pursuit of Happyness" and "Seven Pounds," he launched his Hollywood career as an action hero in these 5 best Will Smith action movies. Honorable mentions go to the lighthearted Western "Wild Wild West" and Smith's version of the superhero action movie, "Hancock."

  1. "Men in Black." Will Smith co-starred with Tommy Lee Jones in one of Smith's most famous roles of all time. The two made it look easy to fight aliens and wipe memories in designer suits. The movie was so much of a success that Jones and Smith returned for a 2002 sequel and a third sequel is currently in the works.

  2. "Independence Day." What is it about Will Smith and aliens? Smith charmed as Captain Steven Hiller, a resourceful man forced to face off against a race of aliens with superior technology.

  3. "I Am Legend." Will Smith took zombie movies to a completely different level with this 2007 movie. Although he was the only actor onscreen for much of the movie, Smith successfully and single-handedly carried the film.

  4. "I, Robot." Set in 2035, Smith played a police office squaring off against a robot rebellion in a futuristic techno-filled society. Though this is the third action/ science fiction crossover movie on this list, Smith successfully managed not to get pigeonholed in the genre.

  5. "Enemy of the State." Smith stars as a lawyer who inexplicably finds himself tangled in a government cover-up by a corrupt politician. Smith's performance was nominated for several awards and earned him a Bluckbuster Entertainment Award.