"The Daniel Craig James Bond film series emphasized great fights and stunts as the 5 best 'Quantum of Solace' action scenes demonstrate. In the film, Bond’s pursuit of a powerful businessman continually places him in physical jeopardy. Be aware that the following does contain some minor spoilers, but no major plot points are revealed.

  1. Car chase. The film’s cold open,”even before the opening credits, is a stylishly filmed three-vehicle chase and gun battle through a dimly lit mountain tunnel. Italian cops try to intervene, much to their misfortune. Only after Bond reaches safety do we learn he’s been carrying human cargo in his trunk the whole time.

  2. Scaffolding. The chase across the rooftops of Siena is fast-paced and tense, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. The kicker is when Bond and his quarry fall through a skylight into a building under renovation. What follows is a desperate battle with both men dangling from construction scaffolding, a truly original set piece.

  3. Boat chase. When beautiful female agent Olga Kurylenko appears to be in hot water, Bond takes after her. The problem: he’s on a motorcycle on shore, and she’s on a boat headed toward open water. The following chase is so fast, you may need the ‘pause’ button on your DVD player to catch all the details.

  4. Free fall. In 1964’s “Goldfinger,” Bond leaped out of a crashing airplane with Pussy Galore and a single parachute, but viewers didn’t get to see it, watching a radar display instead. In “Solace,” director Marc Forster actually shows this stunt, and it’s a real corker. Even Sean Connery might’ve had his hair mussed after that one.

  5. Burning hotel. The film’s climactic battle takes place in a hotel in the Bolivian desert. When it all goes south for the villains, the hotel burns; Bond must get the bad guy, get the girl, and get out. For a while, it looks like he’s going to fail at all three.