Anyone who has experienced mountain biking knows the excitement of the sport, so the 5 best mountain biking movies capture that excitement on film. These movies show the few brave people who are willing to bike anywhere to seek the thrill.

  1. ''Here We Go Again. . .'' A film by Emmy award-winning Don Hampton. This movie shows bikers who are willing to go as far as the Appalachians for their passion of the sport. Not only is the movie a thrill ride, but it gives aspiring bikers some nice spots out in that area that should definitely be checked out.

  2. ''Clorophilla'' Filmed in Abruzzo Italy, this biking movie stars six friends who are bonded by their passion for mountain biking. Throughout the rest of the film, they perform death-defying stunts. The cinematography has also gotten a lot of praise as well.

  3. ''Freedom Riders'' A largely independent film that explores the evolution of mountain biking. The film has a clear message about rebelling against the mainstreaming of mountain biking that's taking place. There's also plenty of talented people who shine in this film as well.

  4. ''Kranked'' A series of mountain biking films that spans eight movies. The movies feature gorgeous cinematography and has been well received by critics everywhere. Taking place over the course of eleven years, viewers can expect to gain some insight into how the sport has changed.

  5. ''New World Disorder'' An incredible ten film series produced by Freeride Entertainment. This mountain biking series has been a story of success and another story of trying to top that success. Each film installment is unique and spectacular in its own way. The music is definitely a focal point for these films.