We've all seen tons of killer shark movies but what about the 5 best killer whale movies? Well, now you can see a movie about another threat in the ocean, killer whales. Although there aren't many of these movies out there and certainly not as many as your killer shark fare, here are some of the best killer whale movies available.

  1. "Free Willy". This first movie that spawned two sequels that you'll find here as well was about a boy who tries to save a killer whale that is destined to be killed by its aquarium owners. It starred Lori Petty and Michael Madsen.

  2. "Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home". Set three years after the original, this movie is about the young hero in the first movie being reunited with his beloved killer whale after an oil spill. It also stars Michael Madsen and was never as highly acclaimed as the first movie.

  3. "Free Willy: Escape From Pirate's Cove". This movie has little to do with the first two movies other than it has an Orca as a central character. This one stars Beau Bridges and Bindi Irwin and is about a young girl that discovers a baby Orca stranded in a lagoon near her grandfather's old amusement park.

  4. "Orca". Other than the "Free Willy" franchise, this is one of the most well-known movies about killer whales. Starring Richard Harris, this film is about a whale hunter and a killer whale squaring off against each other after the whale's mate is killed.

  5. "Namu: The Killer Whale". This is a film that was focused the education of a backwards town by a oceanographer that wants them to know that the whale is not a threat to them. It won the Young Audience Award in 1967.

That is your list of the best killer whale movies that are available on the market. There may be a few others but they're pretty hard to find and these are definitely the most popular that are available.