Sharks, piranha's and mutants all terrorize bodies of water in the 5 best killer fish movies. All the movies start the same, with a peaceful atmosphere before killer fish suddenly start chomping away at people. The killer fish usually have super strength and abilities due to chemical toxins mutating their DNA. A surprise attack by mutants is highly unlikely in real life, but the best killer fish movies can always put the idea in your mind that it could be possible.

  1. "Jaws" - This 1975 movie is about a killer great white shark creating havoc amongst Amity island swimmers. The great white shark is one of the largest macro predatory fish, and feeds off marine mammals. In the killer fish movie "Jaws" the great white shark has a taste for swimmers, and after people clear the water, it won't go away. The movie revolves around a police chief, an oceanographer, and a shark hunter tracking down the blood thirsty fish to destroy it. One of the best killer fish movies because it helped start the summer blockbuster craze.

  2. "Piranha 3D" - This 2010 killer fish movie is a 3D remake of the 1978 classic horror film "Piranha." The added 3D effect of the piranha jumping off the screen makes it one of the best killer fish movies. Lake Havasu vacationers are under attack by piranhas with razor-sharp teeth. The killer fish are let loose when an earthquake rips open the bottom of Lake Havasu. A group of strangers come together in an attempt to save the community from more blood shed.

  3. "The Host" - The 2006 Korean horror movie "The Host" revolves around a gigantic killer fish terrorizing a town. Toxic chemicals get dumped into Seoul's River Han creating a huge mutant fish that can swim and run on dry land. One peaceful day the killer fish emerges from the water and starts ripping people to shreds. The movie follows snack shack owner Park Hee-bong and his family. Park Hee-bong's granddaughter gets snatched by the mutant, and they go on a rescue mission to save her from the sewers. One of the best killer fish movies because it is a horror comedy, and has some great comedic moments.

  4. "Piranha 2, The Spawning" - One of the best killer fish movies is the 1981 sequel to "Piranha." It is the first movie ever directed by James Cameron, and is about killer fish that can breath out of the water. It is a horror comedy and brings a lot of great comedic cheesy moments. The killer flying fish get released by accident when a Navy ship drops experimental piranha eggs into the sea. A local cop and his wife take it upon themselves to save the Caribbean resort from deadly piranhas.

  5. "Devilfish" - This 1984 killer fish movie is about a man-made giant piranha named Devilfish that escapes into the Caribbean sea. Scientists create a self-generate killer fish that was meant to be a bioweapon. Once let loose, it tears apart boats, and people. The company realizes it is their giant piranha terrorizing the Florida coast and try to capture it before their secret gets out.