Are you interested in the five best movies about JFK's assassination? These historical films are a must for anyone interested in the JFK assassination or American history in general. Read on for the list of the five best JFK assassination movies.

  1. "JFK." This film, written and directed by noted political filmmaker Oliver Stone, explores the many conspiracy theories behind the official story of the JFK assassination. The movie won Academy Awards for Best Film Editing and Best Cinematography. It was also nominated for several other Academy Awards, and includes a strong ensemble cast of some of Hollywood's best actors.

  2. "The JFK Assassination: The Jim Garrison Tapes." This documentary about the JFK assassination questions the findings of the Warren Commission and presents other theories about who killed JFK. It won the Documentary Award at the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

  3. "Beyond JFK: The Question of Conspiracy." This documentary about the JFK assassination delves deeper into the facts and evidence that were the basis for Oliver Stone's Academy Award-winning feature film. It contains never before seen footage and rarely revealed interviews, interesting for any history enthusiast or JFK conspiracy theorist.

  4. "The Murder of JFK: A Revisionist History."  This comprehensive movie about JFK's assassination tells the story through never-before-seen archival footage and interviews. Upon its release, it won two awards from the International Documentary Association.

  5. "Rush to Judgment." Based on a book by Mark Lane, this JFK assassination documentary uncovers serious flaws in the conclusions of the Warren Commission. Released just four years after the assassination, it relies heavily on eyewitness testimony.