There are all kinds of holiday films, as the 5 best Christmas action movies demonstrate. Some folks like warm sentimentality, others enjoy family fun, and a few prefer a desperate physical battle against a ruthless enemy. Luckily, you don’t have to choose; these films combine all those elements in varying degrees, mainly focusing on the action.

  1. “Die Hard.” Tough cop Bruce Willis reunites with estranged wife Bonnie Bedelia at Christmas. Unfortunately, her office building is the taken over by Alan Rickman’s terrorist force. Soon the terrorists get a present from Willis, reading, “Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho.”

  2. “Gremlins.” Zach Galligan gets a present from his dad Hoyt Axton – a very odd pet with some odder restrictions. When he breaks the rules, he spawns an army of gremlins that wreaks havoc on his small town. Girlfriend Phoebe Cates’ somber rant about Christmas makes for the least heartwarming holiday scene since “Silent Night Deadly Night.”

  3. “Home Alone.” A family’s Christmas vacation goes awry when they leave young Macaulay Culkin behind. Much slapstick action results from the boy’s battle against would-be home invaders Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. The $100 million hit permanently derailed director John Hughes’ career making insightful teen comedies.

  4. “Jingle All the Way.” Real-life shopping mall battles inspired this 1996 action comedy. Distracted dad Arnold Schwarzenegger seeks the must-have toy of the season on Christmas Eve. He’s confounded at every turn by tightly wound postman Sinbad, as they turn the Mall of America into their own private battleground.

  5. “Tokyo Godfathers.”The plot of this Japanese anime has been retold many times, including a Western version with John Wayne. Three of Tokyo’s homeless find an abandoned baby on Christmas eve and set out to return her to her rightful home. This turns into an all-night adventure, presenting several dangerous situations to the heroic and increasingly appealing trio.