If you like grindhouse, gore and snuff films, you'll want to check out this list of the 10 most violent movies of all time. Sometimes regular horror films just don't do it. If you're looking for something truly horrific (and you have a strong stomach), check out some of the most violent movies in this list. Just be sure to skip the popcorn this time around.

  1. "Philosophy of a Knife" (2008). A mixture of documentary and feature film, this gruesome and violent movie tells the true history of Japanese Unit 731 and the horrific experiments carried out there. Those with weak stomachs should steer clear of this one; dismemberment and disemboweling are the softer parts of this movie.

  2. "Cannibal Holocaust" (1980). Fans of grindhouse movies are sure to perk up at this disturbingly violent movie about what happens to a missing film team who go deep into the South American jungle on the hunt for cannibals. This film was so realistic and shocking that the director was actually arrested under the belief that he had murdered many of the actors while creating it. This film also shows explicit animal cruelty and is banned in several countries.

  3. "Men Behind the Sun" (1988). Another of the most violent movies ever made about Unit 731, "Men Behind the Sun" uses real cadavers in this film about the sick experiments carried out at this brutal Japanese terror camp. If you ever wondered what a decompression chamber could do to a person, this disturbingly violent film is for you.

  4. "Guinea Pig: Flowers of Flesh and Blood" (1985). One of the most realistic snuff films and most violent movies ever made, "Flowers of Flesh and Blood" shows a young woman at the mercy of a horrific serial killer. Determined to turn her into a "flower of blood and flesh," the killer slowly dismembers and disembowels her for the camera. This one is so realistic, actor Charlie Sheen turned it in to the FBI.

  5. "Shogun's Sadism" (1976). Perhaps one of the most graphically violent movies of all time, "Shogun's Sadism" tells two short stories set in Edo during the Shogun era. Christians are sadistically tormented under the law of the Tokugawa Shogunate, enduring things like rape and grotesque "Oxen Split Torturing."

  6. "Maruta 2: Laboratory of the Devil" (1992). If you're looking for one of the best violent movies that's a sequel of another violent film, check out the docudrama sequel to "Men Behind the Sun." In "Laboratory of the Devil," viewers are exposed to new levels of gore, including a horrific live autopsy.

  7. "Torched" (2004). If rape-revenge films are your violent movies of choice, be sure to check out this disturbing 45 minute long film. Directed by Ryan Nicholson, "Torched" tells the story of a young nurse who seeks her revenge after being brutally raped. Genital mutilation, sodomy and power tools make this a festive romp through some great gore.

  8. "Snuff 102" (2008). Director Mariano Peralta was actually attacked and injured by the audience following the debut of one of the most violent movies of all time. "Snuff 102" tells the tale of a young woman reporter who decides to investigate whether or not snuff films are real. Needless to say, she learns a horrible lesson. Many believed the snuff and torture footage in this film to be authentic.

  9. "Cannibal" (2006). If you believe cannibalism makes for some of the most violent movies, you won't be disappointed with this disturbing film. Telling the tale of a man who advertises on the Internet for someone to eat (talk about your take-out), this is a bloody gorefest with lots of gruesome realistic effects.

  10. "Captured for Sex 2" (1986). Pinku fans who enjoy torture and rough sex will want to check out this disturbingly violent movie. When a young couple become stranded, they are enslaved by a stranger and the boyfriend is forced to watch and help in the rape and torture of his girlfriend. By the end of the film, he begins to enjoy it and becomes the stranger's willing apprentice.