The list of the 10 most popular movies in the 90's includes some of the most beloved films ever made. This list has everything from animated movies to a horror film, including Oscar winners and some of the highest grossing movies of all time. As computer graphics started to come into their own, the 90’s featured some of the first major forays into this film technique.

  1. “Titanic.” The highest grossing movie ever—until recently passed by “Avatar”—this James Cameron epic is one of the most popular movies in the 90's. The film launched Leonardo DiCaprio into mega-stardom and had teenage girls coming back again and again.

  2. “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.” This long-awaited and mega-hyped first “prequel” to the original “Star Wars” movies is one of the most popular movies in the 90's. Though it disappointed the most ardent fans, they were glad to have the franchise back up and running.

  3. “Toy Story.” This movie broke a lot of ground with its computer graphics and launched a new set of endearing characters from Disney (with Pixar’s help) in this film, one of the most popular movies in the 90's. It launched two sequels, movie park rides, and loads of merchandise.

  4. “Independence Day.” This movie was an alien invasion film of epic proportions, and starred Will Smith as the world’s hope against attackers from outer space. Perhaps one of the best alien-attack movies ever made, this movie made money hand-over-fist.

  5. “Beauty and the Beast.” This movie became an instant Disney classic upon its release, becoming perhaps one of its most beloved films of all time. A great story, great music, and great animation made this an enduring and popular film.

  6. “Forrest Gump.” Tom Hanks had the titular role in this endearing and charming film about a man of slight intelligence, who finds himself at the center of many important events in history. It won the Oscar for best picture and best actor, among others.

  7. “Ghost.” This movie was about a man who gets killed, played by Patrick Swayze, and his efforts to contact his living girlfriend, played by Demi Moore. He is eventually able to get through to her, and keep her from falling in harm’s way.

  8. “Silence of the Lambs.” This film is one of the best thrillers of all time, and was very popular upon its release. Anthony Hopkins brilliantly plays the psychotic Hannibal Lecter, who toys with a young FBI agent trying to get his help to catch a serial killer.

  9. “The Fugitive.” Movie legend Harrison Ford added to his resume with this film, one of the most popular movies in the 90's. He plays a doctor wrongly accused of murder, running from Tommy Lee Jones’ character (a U.S. Marshall) while trying to prove who killed his wife.

  10. “Pulp Fiction.” Easily one of the most popular movies in the 90's, this movie from newbie Quentin Tarantino delighted audiences with its funky dialogue, disregard for human life, and out-of-sequence storytelling. A ground-breaking film, it made Tarantino a hot Hollywood property.