The top 10 killer assassinations movies didn't necessarily start out as assassinations, but they certainly ended that way, especially when something went awry. And whether it was a high-profile figure or a dirty drug lord, the result was the same. The assassin is almost always the hero.

  1. "Assassins": Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas are after the same mark when an employer doesn't trust either one to do the job. They end up crossing hairs, naturally, and one of them dies. You'll have to find out which one yourself.

  2. "The International": An arms dealer has hired someone to take out a country leader for no apparent reason. It's up to Naomi Watts and Clive Owen to track the trail back to the source and bring those at fault to justice in this killer assassinations movie.

  3. "Vantage Point": Five people tell the story of an attempted assassination from different perspectives. Each one seems to point to different guilty parties, but in the end, all the loose ends get tied up.

  4. "JFK": Kevin Costner stars in this assassinations movie about the most high-profile assassination in US history, next to Abraham Lincoln. Was it really Lee Harvey Oswald? Even the movie won't say.

  5. "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford": The title of this assassination movie is almost as long as the movie itself, which seems to drag a bit in the beginning but finally starts making sense toward the middle. Casey Affleck and Brad Pitt go head to head in this western tale, but neither of which act very likeable.

  6. "Inglourious Basterds": In the story of how World War II should have ended, a band of Jewish Americans carry out a plan to assassinate Hitler-and succeed. It's obviously not a true story, but it makes for one of the best killer assassinations movies.

  7. "Man on Fire": Denzel Washington knows how to use his special forces tactics against the people who kidnapped his client's little girl. He assassinates several high and low-profile figures in a bloody, fiery chase that makes for one of the best killer assassinations movies ever.

  8. "The Dogs of War": Christopher Walken plays a mercenary in his younger, almost-good-looking days. He must survive South American gangs and spies as he finds and executes his mark.

  9. "The Specialist": Sharon Stone's father was killed by a nasty drug dealer, and she wants him dealt with. So it's Sly Stallone to the rescue to assassinate the people involved.

  10. "Shooter": Mark Wahlberg gets framed for an assassination he didn't commit and finds himself on the run for his life. Danny Glover plays the unlikeable colonel who set him up, and Mark makes sure he gets his due by blowing up his house with him inside.