These 10 great football movies are a rocking good time. Some of the football movies have messages, some are light hearted, some are funny and others are just pure sports highlights. Football is a great sport and makes for good cinema as well. Look over this list of ten great football movies and see where your favorite ranks.

  1. “The Last Boy Scout”: This high-flying movie has plenty of guns and battles. This film follows a down and out PI (Bruce Willis) who teams up with a football player (Damon Wayans) to fight the corrupt world of football and politics.

  2. “Gridiron Gang”: Based on a true story about a detention camp officer who takes a bunch of undesired kids and turns them into something great. This is a feel good movie with plenty of football action.

  3. “Waterboy”: This is one of Adam Sandler’s best movies. Jesse’s a special kid with a love for water and his Mama. Put Jesse on the football field, however, and he becomes something else all together.

  4. “Varsity Blues”: This sexy movie is all football and sex. When the star player get’s hurt and the coaches championship streak is halted, there are changes to be made. Football is not everything but convincing some is near impossible.

  5. “The Longest Yard”: A classic Burt Reynolds movie. It is the convicts versus the guards and wouldn’t you know it, the guards cheat. This movie has a little of everything and is definitely worth a watch.

  6. “Jerry Maquire”: Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr. play classic roles, one is an agent and the other a football star. The classic line of “Just show me the money,” and some great acting makes this an excellent film for any fan.

  7. “Knute Rockne All American”: This is the first of its kind and a wonderful film. Staring Ronald Reagan in one of his most memorable roles. A classic feel good story with plenty of old time football.

  8. “Friday Night Lights”: High school football has never been the same since this movie hit the screen. I bruising look into the life of high school athletes and the pressure to succeed to the next level.

  9. “Brian’s Song”: A beautiful film with an undying message of friendship and the bond that football can bring. A very touching story about death and surviving and based on true events involving one of the best-known players of a generation.

  10. “Wildcats”: What is Goldie Hawn doing in a football movie as a coach no less? She is kicking ass and winning games. This movie is fun and adventurous from the get go. A classic tale of a woman out of place among misfits but proving that winning isn’t about your sex.