The list of the 10 great baseball movies includes some of the best sport films ever made. Baseball has elicited great art, from books to paintings to film, stirring the emotions in ways that few other games can. Some baseball videos and films are heroic, some funny, and some sad, and all types are represented on our list here.

  1. “The Natural.” Robert Redford plays the protagonist in this film, one of the great baseball movies of all time. As a young and rising star he is shot by a crazy woman. Several years later he returns to attempt to realize his dream, and has a season that is the stuff of legends.

  2. “Bull Durham.” A classic film, this was one of the great baseball movies as soon as it was released. Kevin Costner is a grizzled veteran who gets sent down to a single A minor league team, where all manner of silliness occurs, including interactions with the team slut.

  3. “Pride of the Yankees.” The legendary Gary Cooper plays New York Yankee Lou Gehrig in this film, one of the great baseball movies ever. The movie includes a moving reenactment of Gehrig’s farewell speech, as he was forced to walk away from the game with a terrible disease.

  4. “Bang the Drum Slowly.” This is a sad, slow film that examines life through the prism of a professional baseball team. Robert De Niro stars in this film, about a professional baseball team in New York with a player secretly suffering from Hodgkin’s Disease.

  5. “Field of Dreams.” Another Kevin Costner entry in this list, and one of the great baseball movies ever. Giving us the famous line, “If you build it, they will come,” Costner’s character is driven by a mystical urge to build a baseball field in his corn fields.

  6. “Major League.” This hilarious film is easily one of the great baseball movies ever made. A young Charlie Sheen plays a fast-but-dangerously-erratic pitcher on a team of misfits. Tom Berenger and Wesley Snipes round out a very good cast.

  7. “Eight Men Out.” This film, one of the great baseball movies ever, is based on the 1919 scandal in which the Chicago White Sox threw the World Series to make money from gamblers. The movie stars Christopher Lloyd and John Cusack.

  8. “A League of Their Own.” The unique thing about this baseball movie is that it’s about a women’s league. During World War II, women were recruited to baseball leagues to provide entertainment, since most men were overseas. Tom Hanks plays the cranky manager, trying to make a team of winners out of a group of varied personalities.

  9. “The Bad News Bears.” This film became a bit of a cult classic, and even today is a reference point when talking about a sports team of limited skill. Walter Matthau’s character takes a rag-tag bunch of kids and turns them into a real team.

  10. “Baseball.” This movie is unlike the others on this list in that it’s a documentary. And not just any documentary, but of epic proportions, thoroughly and exhaustively examining the game. Any baseball fan needs to set aside several evenings to watch this.