These ten good sniper movies showcase the gritty action and thrills of these skilled warriors who can take out their targets from yards away. These sniper movies display what is so good about the effectiveness to strike from a distance as opposed to upclose and personal. The stories may come from their military or mercenary backgrounds as snipers are considered a deadly adversary. Good action movies may involve the elusive sniper as these killers do not hesitate to utilize their training to take out the target. Here are the ten good sniper movies.

  1. "Sniper" (1993). An expert sniper has a knack of killing his mark as well as losing partners in the field too. He is matched up with a young hot shot as they venture in the Panamanian jungle to take out a rebel leader and his drug lord financier.

  2. "Predators" (2010). In a distant planet, a group of elite killers are dropped from the sky to an Earth-like forest. One of them is an elite sniper, Isabelle, who puts her skills to the test against their deadly alien hosts.

  3. "Clear and Present Danger "(1994). CIA agent Jack Ryan must uncover a conspiracy of an illegal war by the U.S. government against a Columbian drug cartel. The Special Ops featured a sniper named Domingo Chavez who was as good a shot as he was tough to spot.

  4. "The Professional: Golgo 13" (1983). Japanese Anime explodes with this thriller about the world's greatest assassin. He displayed otherworldly marksman precision by snuffing out one mark from across another building.

  5. "Black Hawk Down" (2001). On October 3, 2003, a small task force was sent in to capture Somali warlords, but soon turned into a disastrous struggle for survival. Two snipers amongst the hellfire held off many of the hostiles as long as they could before the numbers overwhelmed them.

  6. "Shooter" (2007). Mark Wahlberg stars as an elite sniper called in for one last mission to defend the President of the United States. The plot thickens as he is double-crossed and set up as a would-be assassin of the president.

  7. "Assassins" (1995). A burnt out killer for hire, Robert Rath, must contend with a young upstart, Miguel Bain, as they go after the same target. Both men showcase their sniper skills as an earlier kill from Rath's past is relived.

  8. "Enemy at the Gates" (2001). The dramatized account of Russian war hero and sniper, Vassili Zaitsev, uses his skills and goes toe-to-toe against another German sniper. Their cat-and-mouse game plays out in the backdrop of the Battle of Stalingrad during the harshest winters.

  9. "Saving Private Ryan" (1998). A small band of American soldiers go behind enemy lines to find Private Ryan whos brothers were killed in battle. One of their company was Private Daniel Jackson, a brilliant sniper, portrayed by Barry Pepper

  10. "Hitman" (2007). The video game comes to life as Agent 47 takes on a job to assassinate the Russian President with the use of his sniper skills. Things don't appear as they seem as he becomes the target of an international conspiracy while being chased by an Interpol agent.