The 10 goo fighting movies are action packed, some heart-wrenching and some award winners. The sport of fighting has been around since ancient times, however back in those days you lost your life if you lost the challenge. In these films it’s not just about the fight but the struggle, the journey and the chance to do something bigger with their lives. Some oldies and some more contemporary, but you won’t be disappointed because these movies are full of entertainment and are here to stay.

  1. “Rocky” (1976). This is not only a 10 good fighting movie but the best there ever was. Small time boxer gets a shot at the heavy weight title of the world. Became a franchise and the original script won award for best original screenplay.

  2. “Kill Bill Volume I” (2003). This movie was about revenge to the max. Story about an assassin who was betrayed by her clan and she in turn kills them one by one. Got an Oscar nod for best actress and the sword fight scenes, so many you’ll have to watch it more than once to just keep up. 

  3. “Fight Club” (1999). This twisted ending will have you aghast. Story about a insomniac soap salesmen forms an underground fight club to vent out male aggression.

  4. “300” (2006). A good 10 fighting movie about protecting your people with a small army against battalions of warriors. Based after the ancient battle of Thermopylae the spear fights and sword fights unlike any other movie before it.

  5. "Cinderella Man" (2005). Inspirational movie about the true life of a boxer named James Braddock. He came back after quitting boxing to become a champion during the 1930's.

  6. "Ali" (2001). You can't have a list of ten good fighting movies and not see a biographical film about the greatest boxer who ever lived. Muhammad Ali in his own words, "I'm the greatest" and this movie got Oscar nods.

  7. "Mortal Combat" (1995). This action packed tournament styled film is about three martial artists summoned to fight for the fate of the world. You know this ten good fight movie is well known simply by the movie's theme song.

  8. "Bloodsport" (1988). In this ultimate martial arts tournament film where if you lose you die, the main character must choose to advance and save his life or possible die. Boxing, kick boxing and a whole lot of incredible moves in this ten good fighting movie.

  9. "The Game Of Death" (1978). You can't have a good top ten fighting movie without mentioning Bruce Lee, the greatest martial artists who ever lived. In this movie he fakes his death to find out whose trying to kill him. That yellow and black jump suit was made famous in the film.

  10. "Raging Bull" (1980). This story about a prize fighter who can't keep the violence in the ring out of his personal life. Considered as one of Robert De Niro's best movies ever. That rounds out our ten good fighting films which will keep you on the edge of your seat, guaranteed.