If you’re looking for 10 good action adventure movies, this list should provide a solid selection for you. It may be hard to argue that some of these movies are perfect, but all of them provide a lot of excitement and plenty of thrills. Action movies don’t always have to be masterpieces to be worth watching, and many of these movies prove that point quite well.

  1. “Dirty Harry” – If you’re looking for good action adventure movies about tough minded crime-fighters, the "Dirty Harry" series is hard to beat. This first movie is particularly enjoyable because the story is so concise and the villain is so amazing.

  2. “First Blood” – The "Rambo" films are pretty legendary and it all started with this film. This story about a Vietnam veteran is darker than most other action adventure movies, but it’s still highly entertaining.

  3. “Letha Weapon 2” – This is a good example of a sequel that almost matches its predecessor. There are plenty of good action adventure movies about tough-guy cops, but very few can match the “Lethal Weapon” films, and this one is the second best in that series.

  4. “Wanted” – If you’re looking for good action adventure movies with over-the-top scenes, this movie might fit the bill perfectly. It’s about a clan of magical assassins.

  5. “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” – Director Steven Spielberg has created quite a few important action adventure movies. This may not be the best, but it’s pretty solid. There is no doubt that this is the second best in the “Indiana Jones” series.

  6. “Speed” – This is one of those action adventure movies that blurs the line between action and suspense. It tells the story of a bus with a bomb planted on it. If the driver slows down, the bus will explode.

  7. “Taken” – Liam Neeson is particularly compelling in this fun action film. It’s about a father trying to save his daughter from kidnappers.

  8. “True Lies” – This James Cameron film, which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, isn’t as famous as some of their other collaborations, but it’s still very enjoyable. The movie tells the story of a spy trying to keep his profession secret from his family.

  9. “Romancing the Stone” – This is one of the best action adventure movies for people who like a little romance with their action scenes. It’s about an author who goes looking for her sister and finds herself in a real-life adventure.

  10. “The Hidden Fortress” – This Japanese film was supposedly a big inspiration for “Star Wars”. It details the story of a princess being rescued by a band of heroes.