Here are the 10 best wilderness family movies. It's no secret kids love animals, so wilderness family movies are a big hit. They are full of adventure and excitement, as well as a few cute animals. Many times wilderness type movies also have a built in lesson for everyone to walk away with, which makes them a favorite of the parents as well.

  1. "Madagascar" is a movie about animals from the zoo being shipped off to the wilderness of Madagascar. It's hilarious and has entertaining moments for the entire family to enjoy.

  2. "The Jungle Book" is a classic family movie. Bagheera the Panther and Baloo the Bear come across a boy and try to convince him to return to his own people, while he experiences all the dangers the wilderness has to offer.

  3. "The Lion King" is a beautiful family movie with something for everyone. It is a dramatic story about a lion cub who is tricked into believing he is responsible for his Father's death and flees.

  4. "Pocahontas" is the story of a romance between the daughter of a Native American chief and an English colonist. This family movie is an entertaining look at the contrast between the American wilderness and English civilization in the 17th century.

  5. "Over The Hedge" is an entertaining story of urban development meeting the wilderness. A scheming raccoon tricks a mix matched family of forest creatures into helping him steal food from a new suburban development.

  6. "Homeward Bound:The Incredible Journey" is a wholesome wilderness family movie. When three family pets get lost in the wilderness, they have to try to find their way to San Francisco and their family.

  7. "Fly Away Home" is a touching family movie about a father and daughter rebuilding their relationship. When the girl's mother is killed in a car accident she is sent to live with her father, where they discover a family of orphaned geese and decide to teach them how to migrate.

  8. "Jungle 2 Jungle" is a an entertaining family movie that brings the wilderness to Manhattan. When a Wallstreet guru learns he has a son that has be raised in the wilderness, he brings him back to civilization.

  9. "Brother Bear" is an animated wilderness movie of a different sort. When an Inuit hunter kills a bear he is transformed into a bear himself, and has only a young cub to help him figure out how to change back.

  10. "Open Season" is a family movie that tackles the sport of hunting quite literally. When a domesticated bear is dropped off in the wilderness just before open hunting season begins, he must figure out how to form a team of resistance with the other animals.