Deciding on what the 10 best Western trailers are is difficult to decide for the true Western fan. It is even more difficult since Westerns are no longer an extremely popular form of entertainment. Movie trailers have long been the best way to lure in an audience and in some cases, the trailers are much better than the actual movie. These 10 best western movie trailers are all worth a watch, even if you don't end up watching the movie.

  1. "Stagecoach."  This black and white film is noted for only one thing: it is the first big screen appearance of the man we now affectionately call "The Duke."  John Wayne’s role in this film catapulted him out of his B-movie star status.  He used this movie, which has one of the best Western movie trailers ever, as a platform to turn him into an American icon.

  2. "Wild, Wild West." This Will Smith movie left much to be desired, but the trailer for it was a special effects extravaganza.  A better adaptation of the shiny technology can be found in his non-Western "Men in Black" films.

  3. "Cowboys and Aliens." The title for this film suggests something that will be less exciting than the trailer. The premise looks like something straight out of a B-movie, but Harry Potter fans were treated to this trailer and its unusual genre blend.

  4. "The Magnificent Seven."  Many people forget this film, but the concept behind it has found its way into many other movies and countries. There is very little about this Western that isn’t worth checking out. It’s not reached classic status, but even the TV series “Monk” has referenced it once or twice.

  5. "Unforgiven." Clint Eastwood is perhaps best known as Dirty Harry, but "Unforgiven" was one of the best trailers for this film that blurred the clear ethical lines found in most of the earlier Westerns.   It’s also probably one of the most interesting Western movie trailers ever.