If you are looking for some bloodsucking entertainment that gets your blood pumping, check out the 10 best vampire action movies. Not all vampire movies feature bloodsuckers who are self-loathing and in love with clueles high school girls. These vampire movies are heavy on the action.

  1. “Near Dark” (1987) This action-packed vampire movie is about a young farm boy who gets fangs for a girl. The gang of vampires travel the highways in stolen cars. The one of the best scene of the movie is an assault in a hick bar.

  2. “The Hunger” (1983) This movie is best known for its lesbian sex scene. The movie is about the vampire Miriam, whose vampire lover suddenly ages and wastes away. Miriam casts a spell on a doctor named Sarah who researches premature aging.

  3. “30 Days of Night” (2007) If you are looking for an action-packed adrenalin rush, this vampire movie is for you. This movie is about a small Alaskan town that has a month of darkness each year The town is attacked by a bloodthirsty gang of vampires and without any daylight in sight, the humans are easy prey.

  4. “From Dusk Till Dawn” (1996) You can’t go wrong with bank robbers on the run, a strip club and lots of vampire related violence. This vampire action movie has lots of all three. The movie is about a pair of bank robbers who try to escape to Mexico only to end up at a very dangerous strip club where the main goal is to survive the night.

  5. “I Am Legend” (2007) This movie is based on the novel by Richard Matheson. In the movie, a man-made virus turns the infected into vampires. The story centers around one survivor who is immune and his struggle to find a cure.

  6. “Night Watch” (2004) This vampire action movie has one of the most original plots of the genre. In the movie, vampires or the “Others” live among the humans. The “Night Watch” is created to control the “Others.”

  7. “The Wisdom of Crocodiles” (1998) This vampire movie mixes love with lots of bloody action. It’s about a vampire who has to feed off love as well as blood.

  8. “Underworld” (2003) This vampire action movie tales of the war with the werewolves or Lycans as they are known in the film. It is also a love story between a vampire death dealer, whose job it is to track down her people’s sworn enemy and a Lycan.

  9. “Blade II” (2002) This second installment of the trilogy is the best action movie of the three. In the movie "Blade," a half vampire who can walk in daylight but who is also plagued by the thirst, team up with the vampires who normally kill to fight off a new enemy. It’s a very bloody movie and Blade is kind of like the vampire Batman because he has all kinds of cool toys.

  10. “Daybreakers” (2009) In this futuristic vampire action movie, vampires outnumber humans so greatly that only 5% percent of the world’s population is still human. This creates a food shortage and the vampires start to mutate into monsters because of the lack of blood.