Thailand has always been a source of great action flicks, so here's the 10 best Thai action movies available today. These are the best of the best. The ones that make audiences get up off their seats and cheer. These movies created action stars that were renowned throughout the world, such as Tony Jaa. There's no way that the country that invented Muay Thai could be lacking in action films.

  1. ''The Iron Man'' - A 1975 war film starring Sombat Methanee and Krung Srivilai. It's not only about the action, but the violence of war and heartfelt characters.

  2. ''Danger City'' - A Thai action film made in 1982 that follows the story of a hitman as he confronts the mafia chief.

  3. ''The Bodyguard'' - Made in 2004, this movie solidified the reputation of Thai action. While following a different direction from ''Ong-Bak'', it is very well done in its own way.

  4. ''Ong-Bak'' - Tony Jaa's debut action film that was popularized in the west. ''Ong-Bak'' is nonstop action and its sequels are as well.

  5. ''The Protector'' - Another Tony Jaa film that follows a similar plot line to ''Ong-Bak'', but the action is more intense and cripplingly painful than ever.

  6. ''Ong-Bak 2'' - This was actually directed by Tony Jaa and it follows the story of a young boy who learns every martial art available to him.

  7. ''Ong-Bak 3'' - An action fueled direct sequel to the second film, unlike the second film to the first one. ''Ong-Bak 3'' resumes the story of our hero Tien, as he breaks free from his imprisonment and exacts revenge.

  8. ''Born to Fight'' - More gun oriented than the other action films on this list, but it does so very well.

  9. ''Mercury Man'' - A fantasy/sci-fi based film. Mercury man might be a Thai film more appropriate for children than adults.

  10. ''Chocolate'' - A Thai action film with a female lead, that's pretty rare. Yanin Vismistananda doesn't disappoint when she's given the starring role.