The ten best Tagalog action movies shows that nothing beat fighting bad guys or going up against impossible odds in these Filipino thrillers. These Tagalog action movies takes violence to whole new level with death defying odds. Action is at its best when movies mix drama and bullets that are thrown into the fray. The Tagalog action movie plot lines can become intense as the protagonist tries to succeed against the toughest of odds. Here are the ten best Tagalog action movies:

  1. "Itataya Ko Ang Buhay Ko." Captain Edmund Rosario was a well-respected police officer until he was framed for a crime he didn't commit. Now, his life gets turned upside down when he goes up against a sinister syndicate led by a high-ranking official.

  2. "Dongalo Massacre." A military man tries to escape the horrors of a massacre he was responsible for years ago. The residents of Dongalo have different plans as they want the man to pay for his crimes.

  3. "Pieta." This action drama follows the lives of Amanda and her son, Rigor, as they struggle to survive the hearsh realities of the streets. When her son commits a crime, Amanda takes the fall only to find out years later in prison that Rigor has slowly delved into a life of violence.  

  4. "Ben Tumbling." Stuntman Ben Tumbling becomes falsely accused and tortured by the police that left him psychologically scarred. He swears to avenge the harsh and brutal treatment by taking out any policeman in sight. 

  5. "Hinukay Ko Na Ang Libingan Mo." A bar singer and husband are kidnapped by an obsessed man who rapes the wife and kills her husband. The murder victim's twin brother, fresh from prison, sets out on a quest for vengeance against the man who murdered him. 

  6. "Tumbasan Mo Ng Buhay." A cop's son has been kidnapped after being mistaken for a member of an affluent family. Now, the kidnappers force the cop to bring in a rich man's son in exchange for his own.

  7. "Ang Pumatay Nang Dahil Sa 'Yo." Sargeant Emilio Sanchez dislikes Americans and wants  fellow Filipinos to stand on their own. When his sister is raped and murdered, he sets out on a quest for revenge against the ones responsible. 

  8. "Capt Jaylo: Batas Sa Batas." This action movie is based on the true life of the chief of narcotics section of the Western Police District, Captain Reynaldo Jaylo. The Tagalog film is a dedication to law enforcement who fight against the criminal elements that spread fear to law abiding citizens.

  9. "Kilabot At Kembot." A NBI agent, Kilabot, leaves the force after failing to track down the killer of his partner. He makes a living as a tattoo artist, but his life gets complicated when he encounters a nightclub dancer, Kembot, who attracts the attention of a boss in a kidnapping syndicate.

  10. "Marami Ka Pang." Two cops, a veteran of the streets and one fresh out of the academy, make an unlikely pair to fight crime. Things get more complicated when they discover that they are actually father and son!