The 10 best rock climbing movies show the skill and danger of the sport. These movies follow rock climbers as they do what they love, but also face the danger that love forces them to deal with.

  1. "Take It to the Limit." This movie is often heralded as one of the best rock climbing movies of all time. In “Take It to the Limit” a teenager willingly joins a group of rock climbers and soon faces death defying climbs. The film’s stunts make it a great rock climbing movie.

  2. "King Lines." This film follows climber Chris Sharma’s daring ascents in Greece, Spain and France. The movie captured the renown climber for a year and a half. For portraying the true work and lifestyle of a climber, “King Lines” is a great climbing movie.

  3. "The Ascent." This recent film portrays a climber forced to help villains capture gold. Despite the weak plot, it is a great movie solely for its climbing scenes.

  4. "North Face." Set in the 1930, this movie follows climbers who take up the Nazi challenge to ascend the as-yet unconquered Eiger. The movie shows the drive and competitive spirit possessed by many climbers, making it an excellent rock climbing movie.

  5. "127 Hours." In this recent movie James Franco portrayed trapped climber Aron Ralston as he severs off his own arm to free himself from a boulder. Franco’s acting has been acclaimed as one of the best emotional scenes in recent years. This movie is a great rock climbing movie.

  6. "Scream of Stone." In this film two climbers compete to see who can reach the peak of “Cerre Torre” in Argentina. Their competitiveness, however, results in the death of an innocent friend. The movie’s drama and climbing scenes are amazing, making it a great rock climbing film.

  7. "The Rock Queen." This documentary shows female world-champion climber Catherine Destivelle’s ascent of the 449 foot tall Old Man of Hoy, located in Scotland. The film’s gritty realism depicts the true dedication and courage climbing takes. For this reason it is one of the best rock climbing movies.

  8. "Blindsight." In this moving film seven Tibetan teenagers climb a peak of Mount Everest under the guidance of blind climber. An extremely emotionally uplifting film, “Blindsight” is a wonderful rock climbing movie.

  9. "The White Tower." This 1950s movie follows six climbers as they attempt to conquer a cliff known as the White Tiger, which has never before been climbed. Tensions run high as the climbers face natural and man-made perils. “The White Tower” is an entertaining climbing movie.

  10. "What Lies Above." This action movie tells the tale of a woman who decides to recover her lover’s body from where it fell during a climbing accident. Soon, though, she realizes that her companions are on a trip of a very different kind; she must escape with her life and only her climbing gear. “What Lies Above” is a thrilling movie with fascinating climbing scenes.