Want to know what are the 10 best racing car movies? Who doesn't find a great racing car movie thrilling? Tires squealing, engines revving, racing car movies excite and entertain us all. With fast cars and high speeds, Hollywood has been producing race car movies for a long time. We've complied a list of the 10 best racing car movies below. Some feature racing legends like Dale Earnhardt and Junior Johnson, while others are fictional such as the reckless but talented Cole Trickle.

  1. "3 - The Dale Earnhardt Story" This movie commemorates Dale Earnhardt's life and his death during the final lap of the Daytona 500 in 2001. Earnhardt's father didn't want his to follow in his footsteps, he wanted more for his son. Instead, Earnhardt became a racing legend. This movie showcases his legacy, granting it top spot in our best racing car movie list.

  2. "Le Mans" Le Mans is an auto endurance (24 hour-long, two driver) race in France. A fight between Porsche and Ferrari, Delaney versus Stahler. Drama, pressure, concentration, this movie realistically portrays endurance racing. Despite little dialogue, the emotional aspect of yearning to win makes this movie a racing car movie that cannot be missed.

  3. "Days of Thunder" Who doesn't think of Nascar when thinking of racing cars? Tom Cruise shines as Cole Trickle, the hot-tempered racer whose persistence paid big. Trickle races to the top, alienating even some of his team members as he climbs to the top. This movie's action earns it's spot in our list.

  4. The Fast and the Furious moviesPaul Walker and/or Vin Diesel star in each of the films about street car racing. The appeal of the Fast and Furious movies lie with their stunning, imported cars and numerous, amazing race scenes. Definitely must-see movies for all racing car fans.

  5. "The Last American Hero" Another movie about a real life driver,The Last American Hero is Junior Johnson. Elroy Jackson started out running moonshine but shifts gear later in life and turns to racing cars. Not even the police can slow him down. Junior Johnson is a racing legend and a hero, and his movie is one heck of a ride.

  6. "Winning" Winning focuses on Frank Capua and his desire to win the Indianapolis 500, and the toil his racing career has on his family. The need for speed isn't the only need that Capua has. A well-balanced look at racing, not just from the driver's perspective, but also his family, this movie shows a different side of racing that will run laps around your heart.

  7. "Grand Prix" This movies follows two Grand Prix drivers. Romance threatens to tear their friendship apart. Car races and romances makes this movie one that even the ladies will watch.

  8. "Two-Lane Blacktop" Before there were speed limits, Route 66 was a two-lane blacktop and perfect for a race. The Driver and the Mechani drive through the southwest, looking for someone to race. At a gas station they meet up with G.T.O.. After listening to G.T.O.'s bragging, the race to Washington, D.C. is on. But this is no ordinary race - the loser loses not only the race, but also his car.

  9. "Speed Racer" Speed Racer loves to race but wants to win The Crucible for much more than pride: to preserve the integrity of the sport he loves and to save his family's business. With beautiful special effects and thrilling action racing sequences, this movie is not one to miss.

  10. "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" Will Ferrell is Ricky Bobby in this hilarious, lighter look at racing. With great stunts and car race scenes and laughs in between, this funny racing car movies rounds out our list.