The 10 best race horse movies include movies from all genres. They are true stories of race horses and stories about fictional race horses. No matter the story, for those that love the sport of kings, these movie are a must see.

  1. “The Black Stallion” is a classical tale about a beautiful Arabian stallion. In the 1979 film a young boy named Alec falls for the horse that is brought upon the ship he and his father are traveling. The story is heart wrenching and a favorite to many people. Stars Mickey Rooney.

  2. “Hidalgo” is a different kind of race horse movie. This 2004 tale is about a Pony Express courier, in 1890, who travels to Arabia to compete in a dangerous race that could kill both him and his horse, “Hidalgo.” This movie stars Viggo Mortensen.

  3. “Misty” is another classic tale of horses, from a book. This 1961 film tells the story of one of the ponies of Assateague (this tale is about real horses that do exist). This story is almost like a history lesson, and will have the watcher cheering and crying.

  4. “Seabiscuit” is the true story of a race horse from the depression era. “Seabiscuit” was an undersized race horse that won the hearts of America by winning many races. The 2003 version of this horses life stars Jeff Bridges and Tobey Maguire.

  5. In 1944's “National Velvet,” Elizabeth Taylor plays a young girl who wants to enter a partially wild horse into the Grand National's competition in England. It is a truly moving tale. This race horse movie also stars Mickey Rooney.

  6. “Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story” is a 2005 film about a young girl who helps save an injured race horse from death. She aids in the horses rescue and rehabilitation. This is also a very inspiring story. It stars Kurt Russell, Dakota Fanning, Kris Kristofferson and Elisabeth Shue.

  7. The most recent best race horse movie on this list comes from 2010. It is the story of the race horse “Secretariat.” This Disney film is all about the Triple Crown race of 1973 and the story of this long shot horses way to the winning circle.

  8. 2005's “Racing Stripes” is a movie about a race horse of another color. A zebra finds his home racing among thoroughbreds with the help of a young girl. A cute movie with Frankie Muniz voicing Stripes (the zebra) and also starring Hayden Panettiere.

  9. An older tale of the story of “Seabiscuit,” 1949's “The Story of Seabiscuit,” is a classic movie that has lived on through the ages. This version stars Shirley Temple as a young girl whose uncle trains “Seabiscuit.”

  10. 1978's “International Velvet” is the sequel to the beloved race horse film “National Velvet.” In this moving film, a girl and her horse go overseas to race. This version stars Tatum O'Neal.