10 Best President Assassination Movies

Friday, July 22 by Karen Murdock

Whether you are a hardcore political junkie or you just love conspiracy theories, these 10 best president assassination movies will thrill you. Some of these president assassin movies make the list for their thought provoking plot twists, while others stand out for their talented casts or controversial artistic liberties. No matter what, all of them will entertain you.

“Vantage Point” – This president assassination movie lets you take the role of an investigator, listening to several versions of an attempted presidential assassination. Not to mention, any great president assassination movie should deliver dazzling stunts, and “Vantage Point” achieves perfection in that department, netting two nominations for World Stunt Awards.

“Death of a President” – To call this faux documentary depicting the fictional assassination of President George W. Bush “controversial” is an understatement. Many Americans feared it could inspire a real assassin, while others fretted about the toxic tone of American politics. However, according to “Entertainment Weekly,” the movie makes even the most ardent Bush-bashers “recoil” at the thought of his assassination, says “Entertainment Weekly.”

“The Manchurian Candidate” – As if a cast that includes Frank Sinatra, Angela Lansbury and Janet Leigh were not enough, “The Manchurian Candidate” took the president assassination movie into whole new territory. Imagine a decorated war veteran brainwashed by communists to assassinate the president. It is often imitated but never matched.

“JFK” – No list of 10 best president assassination movies would be complete without Oliver Stone’s infamous exploration of conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The critically acclaimed movie won two Oscars for cinematography and film editing, and it earned nominations for Best Actor, Best Director, Best Picture and Best Writing.

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