What are the 10 best police movies? The best police movies follow no particular formula. Cop movies tend to vary in theme, plot and style. However, there's a certain sexy quality to Hollywood police films. That's true whether it's an action adventure police movie or a comedy. Get some popcorn ready and watch these sexy, adventurous and funny police movies. 

  1. "Robocop" - Officer Alex Murphy is killed by criminals in this futuristic thriller set in Detroit, Michigan. He is resurrected into an indestructible cyborg supercop. Part machine but still human, Murphy not only cleans up crime in Detroit, but he also seeks revenge on his murderers

  2. "Beverly Hills Cop" - Eddie Murphy plays a wise cracking Detroit cop named Axel who witnesses the murder of his friend. The department gives Axel a vacation so that he avoids avenging his friend's death. Axel heads to Beverly Hills in his crappy blue Chevy Nova and becomes rather chummy, and at times antagonistic, with two Beverly Hills Police Department cops. There he faces off with the crime czar who was responsible for the murder. 

  3. "Police Academy" - A police chief, citing strict hiring rules for cops, decides to relax the requirements a bit in this police movie comedy. Join Bubba Smith as Hightower and Steve Guttenberg as Mahoney in a film full of antics and zany characters who just shouldn't be cops. 

  4. "Kindergarten Cop" - Arnold Schwartzenegger plays John Kimble, a cop who is hot on the trail of a drug lord and his mom. When John and his cop partner and former teacher Phoebe learn that the drug lord is looking for his five year old son, Phoebe becomes a kindergarten teacher. That is, until she gets food poisoning. Then Kimble poses as a kindergarten teacher in this 1990 police movie comedy. 

  5. "Smokey and the Bandit" - Did you know that it was illegal to sell Coors beer in 1977 east of the Mississippi River without a permit? The Bandit, played by Burt Reynolds, bets that he can smuggle a Coors shipment from Texas to Georgia in 28 hours. The Bandit also makes off with the Sheriff's daughter-in-law to be who is played by Sally Fields of "Gidget" fame. 

  6. "The Professional" - A group of US Drug Enforcement Administration agents, led by a psychotic leader, kill twelve year old Mathilda's family in a raid. Mathilda moves in with a neighbor who turns out to be a professional assassin. The two strike a deal to avenge the murder. 

  7. "The Naked Gun" - Leslie Nielsen plays officer Frank Drebin in this movie spinoff of the once popular Police Squad television comedy show. Drebin must foil a plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth. It's a hilarious police movie that could make yo choke on your popcorn, so be careful. 

  8. "Lethal Weapon" - Mel Gibson plays Los Angeles rogue cop Martin Riggs, who is wildly angry after the death of his wife. Martin and his partner Roger take on a drug lord named The General as Roger tries to tame Martin's guerilla style tactics. 

  9. "Maniac Cop" - A serial killer focuses his efforts on killing New York City cops. At first, they think that Officer Jack Forrest is killing them until the Lieutenant is found dead. Jack and undercover cop Theresa crack the case in this great police movie. 

  10. "Die Hard" - A Los Angeles corporate party goes sour when terrorists take the party goers hostage for the covert purpose of stealing $600 Million. Bruce Willis plays New York cop John McClane, who becomes a one man army with lots of stupid one liners that will have you laughing or groaning the whole time. This is Willis' first major gig after the "Moonlighting" series and possibly one of the best police movies of all time.