Are you looking for the 10 best natural disaster movies ever made? Natural disaster movies offer viewers more than just thrills and edge of the seat action—they often offer a dose of realism to consider as well. With so many sci-fi end-of-the world and lab generated disaster type movies, it is easy to lose sight of some of the more nature generated, natural disaster themed movies.

  1. "Twister." Tornados are natural disasters that have wreaked devastation on many communities throughout history. Both the tornado chaser and the storm-fearing cellar dweller appreciate the fast paced action and special effects of this movie.

  2. "The Day After Tomorrow." This science fiction film shows the impact after a sudden global warming-induced incident creates large scale climate change.  The movie follows a main character through his interactions in a race to save his son and survive the unexpected Ice Age overtaking the environment.

  3. "Dante’s Peak." Most of the world’s volcanoes are dormant, but "Dante’s Peak" focuses on the peril faced by a popular, though fictional, U.S. city when an ages old, lifeless volcano erupts. Made in 1997, the movie lacks some of the technology enhanced special effects of modern film but retains the emotions and fast faced action of a natural disaster.

  4. "The Poseidon Adventure." What would happen if a cruise liner capsized on a voyage? This early 1970's film takes a look at the fight for life experienced by a group of survivors when a luxury ship capsizes in the wake of a tsunami.

  5. "The Perfect Storm." This film follows the journey of a fishing boat crew, facing tough financial times, through a massive storm at sea in a effort to return to port with an end of the season catch. The movie offers exciting true-to-life action and adventure mixed with the drama of human motivation.

  6. "Deep Impact." Who would survive a large scale comet strike on Earth? This natural disaster film portrays the race to survival of the human raced when faced with an “extinction level event”—in this case, a massive Earth bound comet.

  7. "Earthquake." Disaster movies become quite popular in the 1970's. In 1974, Earthquake focused on survivors experiencing a massive earthquake and aftershocks in Los Angeles, California. While a bit hokey, the movie offers the drama and suspense typical of disaster films.

  8. "Armageddon." Rather than a comet, this movie pits a group of would be heroes against an Earth bound asteroid in a race to save humanity. Released in 1998, it combines its natural disaster action with a love story that serves to guide the course of events.

  9. "Titanic." Based on the true story, this blockbuster film follows characters aboard the ocean liner, The Titanic, as it struck an iceberg and sent many of its passengers into the icy ocean to perish. Many films have been based on this historic disaster, but none compare to the 1997 release starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

  10. "2012." Temperature rising in the Earth’s core leads to natural disasters of global proportions as survivors in this 2009 film battle a host of events ranging from tsunamis to earthquakes. As much of the world as society knows it is destroyed, the film pushes its heroes not only to survive, but to face the pending end of the world.