The 10 best movie fights ever include boxers, spies, heroes villains, as well as some all-time great martial arts champions. You may have some other favorites, but you have to admit the bouts on this list of the 10 best movie fights of all time are unforgettable. Don't think so? Wanna fight?

  1. "Rocky vs. Apollo Creed" In the original "Rocky," the climactic fight between Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) and the heavyweight champ Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) goes the distance with all the great music, drama and blood that made it the Best Picture of 1976. Who can forget Rocky pleading, "Cut me, Mick," just so he could finish the fight?

  2. "Neo vs. Agent Smith" The physics-defying action in the showdown between Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) is a visual, mind-blowing scene that's also a lot of fun, particularly on subsequent viewing.

  3. "Sean Thornton vs. Red Danaher" In John Ford's 1952 masterpiece, "The Quiet Man," John Wayne plays a disgraced American boxer who must finally put up his dukes (sorry) to fight Daneher (Victor McLaglen), the domineering older brother of the woman Thornton loves (Maureen O'Hara). The fight seems to cover half of the Irish countryside and draws quite a crowd, though the townsfolk do allow the combatants a little peace and quiet to have a time-out drink in the pub before the fight resumes.

  4. "Indiana Jones vs. the giant German mechanic" With an out-of-control airplane spinning around on the runway, spilled gasoline everywhere, Marion (Karen Allen) locked in the plane and Nazis surrounding them Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) manages to hold his own in a fistight with a giant German mechanic (Pat Roach) long enough for the big guy to get torn apart by one of the plane's propellers.

  5. "Jake LaMotta vs. Sugar Ray Robinson" The two boxers fight more than once in the Martin Scorsese classic "Raging Bull." Jake (Robert DeNiro) inflicts and accepts plenty of damage in their bouts.

  6. "Lee vs. countless henchmen." In the 1973 kung fu epic, "Enter the Dragon," Lee (Bruce Lee) pulls out just about all his moves as he fights off henchman after henchman while he completes his mission to rescue two Army buddies from a deadly martial arts tournament.

  7. "Wong Fei-Hung vs. John." Jackie Chan, as Wong, takes on John (Ken Lo) in a steel factory, in one of the greatest and funniest martial arts fight scenes you will ever see in the "The Legend of the Drunken Master" from 1994. Check out this and other movies from Chan's late-80s through late-90s period and prepare to be amazed, not only at his skill, but at the cleverness of how the fights are staged.

  8. "Daniel vs. Johnny." The climactic match between the hero and villain in the 1984 version of  "The Karate Kid," is etched in the mind of kids who grew up in the 1980s. Daniel (Ralph Macchio) struggles with an injured leg while Johnny (William Zabka, the quintessential 80s obnoxious young bad guy) is urged on by his coach to "Sweep the leg!"

  9. "James Bond vs. Red Grant." In "From Russia with Love," Bond (Sean Connery) takes on hired assassin Grant (a young and blond Robert Shaw) in the claustrophobic setting of a train car, while the train is hurtling full speed through the mountains. It's gritty, intense and shows the ruthlessness of Bond's character.

  10. "The Narrator vs. Himself." In 1999's awesome "Fight Club," Edward Norton plays an unnamed Narrator who finds himself losing his grip on reality amidst an underground movement on fighting and mayhem. In order to have his boss truly believe that Norton's character is injured, the troubled employee kicks his own ass. It's bloody and wild to watch happen, though not has much fun as when Jim Carrey tries to do the same thing in "Liar, Liar."