The best movies adventures help audience members escape from their everyday lives when they enter the theater, literally taking them on a ride they will never forget. What makes adventure movies so exciting and the best ones such financial and critical hits is they have elements of all types of stories, from action to drama to romance to comedy. This will be evident in the ten films that make up this best movie adventure list.

  1. "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" The sequel to the original Indiana Jones takes our hero from China to India where Dr. Jones ends up in a creepy temple filled with monkey brain entrees, rooms crawling with bugs and heart-removing human sacrifices. Up until the fourth abysmal installment to the Indiana Jones series, this was considered the weakest movie adventure of the trilogy despite the fact that it was better then most movie adventures ever made.

  2. "True Lies" James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger team up once again to make this multi-dimensional action adventure epic about a spy whose family becomes curious about who he really is. Heart-stopping intense action scenes meld perfectly with laugh out loud comedy from supporting star Tom Arnold. Throw in a sexy strip tease from Jamie Lee Curtis and you've got a classic.

  3. "The Mummy" Brendan Fraser as a revamped Indian Jones persona-adventurer who heads to the Middle East to unlock a secret in a recently excavated lost city. A remake of an American horror classic film of the same name, "The Mummy" uses exotic locales, humor and some of the best CGI action adventure effects of its time to create one of the best movie adventures ever made.

  4. "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" The third installment of the Indiana Jones trilogy (Note: There is no mention of the horrible fourth movie there) takes Dr. Jones from Nazi-controlled Europe to the Middle East on their own archeological crusade. The best additions to this classic adventure movie? Nazi villains and Sean Connery playing Indiana's father.

  5. "Pirates of the Caribbean" How do you make an amusement park ride at Universal Studios into a blockbuster movie? Great writing, a $100 million budget and, most importantly, Johnny Depp wearing eye shadow. This movie adventure could have easily been written off as a failure before anyone saw it, but the fresh take on the story and the world of pirates makes this sea faring, island hopping tale one for the ages.

  6. "Lawrence of Arabia" One of the best adventure movies ever made as well as one of the best films ever made, "Lawrence of Arabia" also tells a true historical story epic in scale and production, jaw droppingly beautiful in cinematography and emotionally riveting through its characters and their stories.

  7. "Jurassic Park" Archeologists go to an island where an amusement park has been set up around cloned dinosaurs. As good an adventure movie as you can get from one of the most entertaining books of the '90s and Spielberg, one of the greatest directors to ever live. This one is a must on any adventure movie lover's shelf.

  8. "Jaws" Also from Spielberg, a sheriff who is scared of the ocean, a rich oceanographer and a crazy sea boat captain must track down a massive great white shark hunting and eating people off the East Coast. Scary, funny, exciting and timeless, "Jaws" is not only one of the best movie adventures, but one of the best films ever made.

  9. "Star Wars Episode V: A New Hope" The fourth installment of the epic six-part series which changed the world is the best movie of them all and one of the best movie adventures of all time. Characters, both human and alien, take the audience from world to world all over the universe.

  10. "Raiders of the Lost Ark" The first installment in the Indiana Jones series may be the film that truly defined the adventure genre, taking our main character all over world, infusing humor, excitement, horror and fantasy all into one incredible story that should have ended years ago.